Saboteurs Attacking The 9/11 Truth Movement:
The No-WTC-Planes/Video-Fakery/Energy-Beams Disinformation Gang

A gang of disinformation agents is posing as 9/11 researchers and attempting to sabotage the 9/11 truth effort by:
  1. Claiming that they themselves are 9/11 researchers (which they are not, because they don't use scientific methods)
  2. Broadcasting lying smear attacks against the actual 9/11 researchers, in order to discredit the actual research results.
  3. Making absurd claims: that no planes hit the World Trade Center, that the dozens of videos showing the planes were all faked, that the WTC was destroyed by energy beams or H-bombs, etc.
Their purpose in making the obviously absurd claims is to confuse the public into thinking that 9/11 researchers are crackpots, and therefore their information should be ignored.

  1. The Gang's Motive
  2. The Members
  3. General Methods Used
  4. Details of the Gang's Absurd Claims
  5. The Personal Attacks on Real 9/11 Researchers/Activists
  6. Is the Disinfo Gang COINTELPRO?

1. The Gang's Motive

The American/Israeli/British fascist governments have used their Big Lie -- that the 9/11 attacks were done by "Islamic Terrorists" -- as their pretext for murdering millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Pakistan, practicing the most horrible tortures upon innocent people, instituting surveillance, invasion of privacy, and the threat of kidnapping, torture, and murder against their own citizens, and threatening to censor or shut down the Internet. In other words, for creating the "New World Order" -- a global fascist slave state.

The 9/11 truth effort is having ever increasing success in reaching the public with the results of the scientific analysis showing that the World Trade Center was destroyed by pre-planted explosives and incendiaries that "Islamic Terrorists" could not possibly have placed in the buildings. This worries the criminal elements of the U.S. government greatly, and both Bush and Obama have ordered that the government story about 9/11 must never be questioned, and that those who do question it are terrorists in league with "Al-Qaeda" (which actually does not exist as an organized international force).

The U.S. government has created websites, magazine articles, and books claiming to refute the 9/11 physical research, but these government productions have been shown to be full of lies. So, in order to disrupt the effectiveness of the 9/11 truth movement directly, a COINTELPRO type operation was apparently initiated, as it has been against virtually all organizations and movements opposing U.S. government fascist wars and oppression. The operations of the Disinformation Gang fit the usual COINTELPRO pattern.

2. Disinformation Gang Members

Major participants in the Disinformation Gang (as I call it) are James Fetzer, Morgan Reynolds (former chief economist of G W Bush's Department of Labor), Judy Wood, Ace Baker, Rosalee "Webfairy" Grable, Nico Haupt, Gerard Holmgren, Rick Siegel, Jeff Hill, and a number of others who hide their identity under pseudonyms like "Coffinman".

James Fetzer is a former JFK assassination "researcher" who claimed that the Zapruder film -- which is the most important piece of evidence in the case and proves that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been the killer -- was faked by the government, and therefore was not valid as evidence. He's now making similar disinformational statements about the videos that show the planes hitting the WTC towers.

Fetzer was a co-founder with physicist Steven Jones of the Scholars for 9-11 Truth, which initially was the most credible and effective 9/11 research organization, since it listed as members hundreds of professional experts in various relevant fields. But once the Scholars achieved wide recognition, Fetzer began publishing on the organization's website the obviously absurd claims of the Disinformation Gang -- that no planes hit the WTC, that the videos showing the planes had all been faked, etc. Many of the members raised strong objections to his actions, but Fetzer continued pushing the lies (and still does currently, last noted September 2010).

In December 2006 a vote was taken on this issue among the members of Scholars for 9-11 Truth, over Fetzer's angry objections, and his policy of pushing lying disinformation was rejected by 153 to 9. In spite of this, he refused to stop, and so Steven Jones and most of the members left and formed the Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice.
3. General Methods Used

The most successful factor in exposing the government lies about 9/11 has been scientific investigation of the physical evidence. This evidence and its analysis are objective, and can't be countered by excuses like, "General Myers didn't send up interceptor jets because he was in a meeting when the airliners were hijacked." Physicist Steven Jones, author David Ray Griffin, and architect Richard Gage have been among the most effective in bringing this information to the public.

Just as the 9/11 truth movement was having substantial success in getting the word out, a small gang of people, many hiding their identity, sprang up and began spewing out huge amounts of disinformation masquerading as scientific research, but contradicting the real research. These people support one another, and say that they are the only real 9/11 researchers.

The gang's disinformation includes claims that no planes hit the World Trade Center, that all the videos showing the planes hitting were faked by the government, and that the WTC was destroyed by energy beam weapons or H-bombs (not by explosives and thermite).

On critical examination, the gang's assertions all turn out to be utter lies, but some people who don't have a scientific background are taken in by them. However, most people realize that with many thousands of New Yorkers observing the Twin Towers after the first plane hit WTC1, a claim that no plane hit WTC2 is the most absurd nonsense. And so when the gang members make this claim, and also insist that they themselves are the real 9/11 researchers, the effect is to sabotage and discredit the 9/11 truth community as crackpots and fools.

The disinfo gang has published many hundreds of videos, blog entries, forum posts, and web pages. They appear to be well financed. Their enormous campaign also includes direct lying smear attacks against the most effective real 9/11 investigators and activists -- Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, and Alex Jones.

The goal of all this activity seems to be to confuse the public into thinking that real 9/11 researchers are spouting absurd garbage like "No planes hit the World Trade Center" and "All the WTC plane crash videos were faked". Even people without a scientific education, just using common sense, know that these claims are ridiculous. And that is the goal of the Disinformation Gang! They want people to think that the 9/11 truth movement is full of idiots and crackpots, so people will go back to believing the government's lies, and welcoming a police state for protection against nonexistent "terrorists".
4. Details of the Gang's Absurd Claims

In addition to making savage, lying personal attacks against the people most successful in spreading the truth of 9-11 to the population -- Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, and Alex Jones -- various gang members claim that the following techniques were used in the destruction of the World Trade Center. The fact that many of these violate well-known laws of physics, contradict the evidence, and many are also mutually exclusive doesn't inhibit the gang from making them.

Keep in mind that these claims are designed to be seen as absurd in order to make people think that 9/11 researchers are nutballs.

Also, that all of the observed phenomena of the destruction of the WTC can be accounted for by ordinary explosives, thermite, and conventional physics.
  • Lie: "Energy beams, possibly from space satellites, destroyed the WTC."

    Fact: Such beams would have required the combined power of hundreds of nuclear power plants, would have made the concrete dust burning hot, would have burned people on the ground, would have made enormous lightning bolts in the air, and could not have penetrated even one of the hundred steel floor pans.
    Journal of 9/11 Studies:
        The Overwhelming Implausibility of Using Directed Energy Beams
        to Demolish the World Trade Center Towers

        Proof That The WTC Steel Was Not Destroyed By Energy Beams
        Proof That Vehicles Were Not Burned By Energy Beams

  • Lie: "No planes hit the WTC."

    Fact: A few people saw the first plane hit, and many thousands who were watching the fire caused by the first plane saw the second plane hit, which was also captured on dozens of videos and still photos.

  • Lie: "An airliner is made of thin aluminum like a beer can, and couldn't possibly penetrate a steel and concrete building."

    Fact: The frames of airliners, including the large structural members inside the wings, by which the wings' lifting force supports the weight of the fuselage and its contents, are made of extremely strong and tough aluminum alloy, or steel.

    The kinetic energy of a moving object is equal to 0.5 times its mass times its velocity squared. The planes were traveling at about 550 miles per hour, so each pound of metal in them had one hundred times as much kinetic energy as a pound of metal in a car going 55 mph, which can bend and tear steel objects.

  • Fact: On July 28, 1945, a B-25 bomber crashed into the 78th floor of the Empire State Building in the fog. It was moving at about 225 mph, 41% of the speed of the planes that hit the WTC, so it had about 17% of the kinetic energy per pound as the WTC planes. Nevertheless, the fuselage penetrated the building as can be seen in these: photograph1 photograph2 shot from a ledge above the crash, showing the parts of the plane that remained outside.

  • Lie: "Video Fakery" "All of the videos and photos, even those made by private people, were faked by the government."

    Fact: All of the analyses presented by the gang to "prove" this turns out to be lies, in some cases using tampered versions of the actual videos.

  • Lie: "Nose-Out" "Video fakery is proved by some faked videos showing the nose of the second plane emerging from the opposite side of WTC2, which is impossible, since it could not have penetrated that far. This was caused by an error in video fakery, which allowed the faked image of the nose to travel too far."

    Fact: Refuted in detail ->here<-. What is said to be an image of the plane's nose is actually a plume of dust and flame, While the planes penetrated the buildings, they disintegrated as they encountered the buildings' frames, walls, and concrete cores. The only thing that came out intact was an engine.

  • Lie: "All the witnesses who saw the planes hit were lying or brainwashed by watching TV."

    Fact: The impact of the second plane was seen and reported by hundreds of professional firemen and police, and by thousands of citizens. They saw it with their eyes directly, not via TV.

  • Lie: "What were seen as planes that hit the WTC were actually holograms."

    Fact: We estimate the size of an object from its distance and the size of its image on our retinas, which is determined by the angle between the light waves coming from the head and from the tail of the object. In order for these waves to come in at different angles, they have to originate at separate points, because light travels in straight lines.

  • Light from a hologram generator travels in straight lines. The second plane was seen by many thousands of people and dozens of video and still cameras. For a hologram plane to appear as large as a 767 to all these people and cameras at various distances and angles from the WTC, the hologram generator would have to be as large as a 767 so that the light rays from the nose and tail of the image would originate from points separated by the length of a 767 (159 feet). That's the only way the image could appear to be as large as a 767 to all the observers. The hologram generator would also have to be as wide as the wingspan of a 767. That would be far more difficult than simply using a 767, and would not yield any advantage over it.

    The reason for pushing holograms is to support the lie that the planes were made of soft beer-can aluminum and thus could not have penetrated the steel and concrete towers. See above.

    Fact: A hologram cannot appear darker than the objects behind it. Holograms are projected light. There is no such thing as projected darkness. But the planes did appear darker than the sky behind them in the videos and photographs.

  • Lie: "Missing parts of planes in videos prove that the planes were holograms."

    Fact: All of the videos were compressed to one-tenth or less of their original bandwidth. This is done to all TV signals to allow ten or more channels to be carried over the cable bandwidth that formerly carried only one. The compression algorithms throw away any details that would not be seen by a viewer watching the video at the standard speed and distance from the screen. Thus when a compressed video is viewed in slow motion, defects -- compression artefacts -- can often be seen.

  • Lie: "UFO orbs -- glowing balls of light -- appeared in the videos."

    Fact: These were simply the lights of helicopters in the distance. Some of them can be seen to be helicopters as they fly closer to the camera.

  • Lie: "The WTC was destroyed by 'scalar waves'."

    Fact: "Scalar wave devices" do not exist. They are a fraud created by Tom Bearden.

  • Lie: "Hutchison effect"

    Fact: which also doesn't exist and is a fraud by John Hutchison

  • Lie: "The WTC was destroyed by micro-hydrogen bombs that didn't have fission triggers"

    Fact: Such bombs don't exist, and each would have made an enormous flash and bang, and would have made large amounts of radioactive elements by neutron activation, which were not found. The small amount of tritium that was found came from the smashed tritium-powered fluorescent exit signs in the planes.

  • Lie: "Missiles hidden by 'cloaking devices' hit the WTC."

    Fact: "Cloaking devices" do not exist.

  • Lie: flocks of UAVs -- unmanned aerial vehicles -- to account for individual puffs of dust and smoke during the crashes

    Fact: these were caused simply by turbulent air flow
This gang has created dozens of websites, blogs, forums, mailing lists, Net radio programs, and various other outlets for their lies. Their intention is to associate these nonsensical claims with the actual 9-11 research movement, in order to discredit it. They have already begun to succeed: articles have been published in mainstream media saying that 9-11 researchers are nutty conspiracy theorists who say that no planes hit the World Trade Center.

Cars Were Not Burned By Energy Beams

Here is a refutation of one of their claims -- that cars near the WTC were burned in peculiar ways that proves they were hit by energy beams from space:

Ordinary burned cars with the same damage as WTC cars

The "Spire" Did Not Turn To Dust

The disinfo gang claims that the WTC steel "spire" -- some girders that remained standing briefly after one of the towers fell -- was "dustified" by directed energy beams, this based on low-resolution video from which it's impossible to tell what happened. In fact, any type of energy that can reduce solid steel to dust would have to vaporize it first, which would require heating it to beyond white-hot in order to overcome the very strong interatomic bonds that make steel such a strong construction material. Such heating would cause the steel to emit a blindingly bright blue-white light. Of course this didn't happen.

What did happen is shown in the two closeup higher resolution videos below: the spire simply fell, mostly dropping vertically downward. At the end the tallest part also begins a rotation to the left, which can be seen in the second video. The sideways motion causes some blurring due to the video compression process. A lesser degree of blurring is seen in the first video as the spire falls, but it's clear that the various parts of the structure remain intact, because they keep their geometric relationship with one another; dust clouds could not do that.


If your video player won't display these, download and install mplayer. It runs on Linux, Mac OSX, and Microsoft Windows, and can expand videos to full-screen, and also run them in slow-motion or frame by frame, so you have time to perceive and understand what's happening.

Is the No-WTC-Planes/Video-Fakery/Energy-Beams Disinformation Gang COINTELPRO?

People in various 9-11 truth groups are now starting to connect the following facts:
  1. The U.S. government has carried out COINTELPRO operations -- infiltration, disinformation, and disruption -- against all major anti-war, anti-racist, and pro-environmental organizations in the past.

  2. The 9-11 truth movement is exposing as a huge and murderous fraud the 9-11 pretext for the entire "eternal war against terrorism" -- which is actually for war profiteering, seizure of oil resources, extension of geopolitical/military power, and obedience to the demands of the state of Israel.

  3. It is therefore very likely that a COINTELPRO operation is being undertaken against the 9-11 truth movement.

  4. No-WTC-Planes/Video-Fakery/Energy-Beams Disinformation Gang has all the characteristics of a COINTELPRO operation against the 9-11 truth movement, and it is the only group that does.