9-11 Coverup At Pacifica Radio!

Why has Pacifica Radio's foremost news broadcaster -- Amy Goodman
of Democracy Now -- refused to cover the facts about 9-11 that prove
government complicity?

Amy Goodman has, on two separate occasions, been handed piles of
documentation about the true facts of 9-11 -- books, videotapes, etc.
She has never broadcast any of the information or even communicated
with the people who gave it to her.

Unless this information is broadcast several hours per week in prime
time, on all of the five Pacifica stations, it won't reach enough
people in time to stop the creation of a totalitarian police state by
the Bush junta.

Here's why:
1. Pacifica only reaches 1/4 of the American people.
2. Most people in the broadcast areas don't listen to it.
3. Of those who do listen, many won't be able to hear the program
at the time it's broadcast.
4. Some of those who hear it are so brainwashed by the lies on TV
about 9-11 that they won't believe the truth.
5. Of those who do believe the information, many will have to hear it
several times before they're motivated to act on it.
6. In order to stop the junta, people who listen to and understand
the 9-11 information have to tell enough of their friends,
relatives, newspaper editors, etc., about it to pressure their
senators and representatives to impeach Bush, Cheney, and their

Taking into account all of these factors, it's clear that in order to
have an actual effect on the fascist junta that has taken control of
the United States, Pacifica must broadcast the truth about 9-11 in such
a way that it's heard multiple times by everyone in its entire listening
audience. This means several hours a week in prime time on all five

Why does Larry Bensky -- a very influential broadcaster in Pacifica --
attack and belittle the researchers who have discovered these facts and
are trying to get non-corporate media like Pacifica to broadcast them to
the people?

[Click here] to listen to Bensky intercept a listener's question on 9-11
before Gus Newport, the new KPFA General Manager, can answer it.

Remarks by Bensky and Newport just before the call are included,
with Bensky giving the usual excuse that there's just not enough time
to broadcast what people want, while Newport suggests what should be
obvious -- to weight (prioritize) the selection of broadcast material
according to its importance in the current situation. (April 27, 2003)