Ordinary burned cars showing the same types of damage as the cars burned around
the World Trade Center on 9-11, plus the explanation of how so many cars caught
fire on that day -- chain-reaction car fires -- burning cars igniting other cars.
This completely refutes the disinformation from Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood
that the WTC cars were burned by energy beams from outer space.

Many thanks to retired firefighter Russell Pickering of pentagonresearch.com for this information.

(I increased the gamma of a few of the images, as indicated by the file name, in order
to make dark underexposed areas more visible, and also magnified the first picture.)

The beginning of a chain-reaction car fire, which is how an entire parking lot and street full
of cars was burned on 9-11, since the firemen were too busy trying to save lives to put them out:

Radiant heat from the car fire is burning the paint on a second car, and flaming gasoline
is running along the street, where it will ignite the tires of other cars. The burning tires
heat the gasoline in the tank above them until the pressure of the vapor ruptures the flexible
connection between the tank and the fill opening, causing the gasoline to spew out and ignite.

http://www.jalopnik.com/cars/images/2006/05/car%20fire.jpg --> car_fire.X3.jpg

Steel panels partly melted in weird flowing patterns; Reynolds and Wood say that only energy beams can cause this.
Are space energy beams attacking Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada? Tires also completely burned up.

http://www.jvfb.org/images/Calls/1135-03%20car%20fire%20cavell%20road%20003.jpg --> 1135-03_car_fire_cavell_road_003.gamma1.5.jpg

Sagging steel and tires gone.

http://clarkson.dailyjolt.net/windigo/car_fire/carfire02.jpg --> carfire02.gamma1.5.jpg

Only the front of the car burned. Reynolds and Wood claim that this is proof of space rays.


Flaming gasoline spurting out, which would ignite adjacent cars. Tires intensely burning.


Again, only the front half burned -- the rear tire is intact. No energy beams from space.

http://vwindependent.com/Wayne%20Street%20car%20fire%20&%20rescue.JPG --> Wayne_Street_car_fire_and_rescue.gamma1.5.JPG

Flames shooting out 10 feet, which would ignite nearby cars and produce a chain-reaction fire.





http://www.millvillefire.org/News%20Archive/News/2006-06/Car%20Fire%20091.JPG --> Car_Fire_091.JPG

http://www.users.bigpond.com/mike_lowe/Car%20fire1.JPG --> Car_fire1.JPG

http://www.users.bigpond.com/mike_lowe/Car%20fire2.JPG --> Car_fire2.JPG


http://www.fethard.com/photos/car_fire.jpg --> car_fire.fethard.jpg