Q. Who rules the human race, and inflicts mass murder (war), economic slavery, impoverishment, male supremacy, torture, poisoning of our air, water, food and medicines, and other ills upon us?

A. Organized psychopaths. They lie, cheat, steal, rob, torture and murder just like individual psychopaths. Organized, in governments, corporations, media, and religions, they are much more harmful than individually.

Q. Why are humans susceptible to becoming psychopaths?

A. Psychopathy is a simple and obvious strategy for individual survival, which is what counts in evolution. Control, weaken or kill everyone around you, and you will survive. This may be fatal to the species as a whole, but Darwinian evolution doesn't take that into account. So at least some of us have genetic programs for total selfishness and hostility that can be activated if we are traumatized in childhood, or influenced by psychopathic ideas and behaviors in our culture. Dr Robert D Hare, creator of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, says that while about 1% of the general population meet the clinical criteria for psychopathy, senior positions in business and government have around 3-4%. A much greater percentage have enough psychopathic behaviors, thinking and programming to obey the orders of the leaders without objection.

Q. What kinds of people are there?

A. It is tempting to divide people into classes of sheep, psychopaths, and Conscious, but that is greatly oversimplified. People have various levels of sheepish belief/obedience, psychopathy/selfishness/domination, and consciousness/awareness, depending on their experience, especially in childhood, and their knowledge. There may be genetic components too.

Q. Is psychopathy contagious?

A. Yes! It can be passed down from parents to their children whom they traumatize. It is also transmitted by economic exploitation, impoverishment, and other types of trauma inflicted by the psychopathic rulers. Also by anti-human anti-life cultural ideas like the bible, patriotism, and male and racial supremacy.

There is currently in the world a social/psychological disease of mass-psychopathy. It has been with us for some thousands of years.

This mass-psychopathy in individuals and cultures is a type of virus. A virus is a set of information that replicates itself by using an information-processing system. Three kinds of virus are known: 1. Biological viruses, which are strands of DNA or RNA that reproduce themselves using cell nuclei. 2. Computer viruses, which are computer programs that reproduce themselves using computers, and propagate via e-mail, the Web, etc. 3. Memetic viruses, which are sets of ideas and behaviors (called "memes", by analogy to genes), that reproduce themselves by using human minds and culture.

The world-wide mass psychopathy is a memetic virus that spread throughout much of the human species (in various degrees in different people and cultures) starting about six thousand years ago. Archaeological research shows that human cultures were peaceful, cooperative, and creative before that time. The disease may have been started from the trauma of starvation, when the solar output increased for a time, and crops died. See The Chalice and the Blade and Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler.

Q. How is psychopathy active in the economy and government?

In our capitalist economic system, 99% of the wealth is owned by a tiny ultra-wealthy fraction of 1% of the population. The remaining 1% of the wealth is divided among the 99% of the population that actually does the work. This is a wealth inequality of 10,000 to 1.

Democratic Socialism, such as worker-owned cooperative businesses, would give the wealth to the working people instead of to the ultra-rich.

Throughout the 20th Century, and continuing through the present, the ultra-wealthy have controlled the U.S. government and U.S. corporations, including banks, news media, weapons manufacturers, drug companies, etc.

These ultra-wealthy have used the military and economic might of the U.S. government and corporations to destroy socialism all over the world, at the cost of tens of millions of human lives, in order to maintain their own evil privileged parasitic existence.

There's a particular type of mind-control propaganda invented by the very evil Edward Bernays, who learned how the human mind works from his uncle Sigmund Freud, but used the knowledge to develop techniques to control people, widely employed by governments and media today. It involves repetition of the lying propaganda through multiple media sources, and making the lies big enough that most people, being good and kind, will believe the lies, because they don't think anyone could be so evil as to lie about something that big (e.g. the lie that the 9-11 attacks were not done by elements of the U.S. government). Another technique is the incorporation of sexual and scandalous material to activate powerful emotions.

This type of propaganda has been very effective, and in areas like the United States that are dominated by corporate-controlled news media, has resulted in the population believing in an utterly false consensus reality, in which socialism is the enemy of the people, and the U.S. has the right to subvert, bombard, invade, and mass-murder the citizens of socialist nations and any others that the U.S. government designates as "enemies".

Democracy in the U.S. has been subverted by the power of money almost from its beginning. The foreign and military policy of the U.S. throughout the 20th Century has been to attack socialist nations and murder socialist leaders everywhere it can, to prevent socialism from catching on and taking away the exploitive murderous profits of the ultra-wealthy who control the U.S. government.

Immediately after the Russian Revolution, armies from the U.S. and other capitalist nations invaded Russia and murdered millions. Ultra-wealthy U.S. businessmen then financed and armed Hitler to attack socialism in Europe, and in the USSR, where the Nazis murdered 26,000,000 Russians. The trauma from these attacks spread the mass-psychopathy disease to the USSR and led to the rise of Stalin, who murdered millions of people in Ukraine in the process of forced communization to accelerate technological development from horse-and-buggy to tanks, aircraft and rockets in a mere 20 years.

After World War Two, the U.S. attacked dozens of socialist nations, murdering about 20 million people in the "Cold War". The U.S. murdered 30% of the people of North Korea, burning many of them to death with napalm (jellied gasoline). The U.S. murdered 4,000,000 people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. All this to stop socialism and thus protect the criminal riches of the ultra-wealthy.

During the 1980s, U.S. President Ronald Reagan organized, financed, and armed (with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles) fundamentalist Islamic psychopaths (jihadists), which were then called "the Mujahideen". Reagan ordered them to attack and destroy the socialist government of Afghanistan and thus create what he called "Russia's Vietnam War". These jihadist psychopaths later became Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. President Bill Clinton used Al-Qaeda to attack Serbia through Kosovo, because Serbia refused an IMF "loan" that would have put it into debt slavery forever.

In the 1990s the U.S. government destroyed the USSR by using Boris Yeltsin, a corrupt alcoholic (controlled by the psychopath libertarian Milton Friedman of the Chicago School of Economics) who sold off the peoples' factories, mines and farms at one-tenth of their value to his wealthy criminal cronies, inflicting upon the Russian people "austerity" -- poverty and starvation. When the Russian parliament refused to agree to this in 1993, Yeltsin, with the support of U.S. President Clinton, machine-gunned hundreds of opposition demonstrators, and had army tanks surround, bombard, and burn the parliament building, murdering 500 people. See The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein, Chapter 11.

In 2001 the U.S. government hijacked the new Millennium -- which would have been a time of worldwide celebration -- and replaced it with the War of Terror, using its creation Al-Qaeda as a new enemy (instead of the USSR) to justify its continuing imperialism and mass-murder for profit.

The U.S. government blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 and blamed it on Moslem nations, and then used this false-flag attack to justify the invasion and destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, murdering more than 2,500,000 people. The jihadist Mujahideen created by U.S. President Reagan, and still (covertly) supported by U.S. Presidents GW Bush, Obama and Trump had become Al-Qaeda, ISIL, al-Nusra, etc. -- psychopath jihadist head-choppers.

In 2014 the U.S. government installed a Nazi regime in Ukraine in order to harass Russia. (Nazi Germany had murdered 26 million Russians in WW2.) The Nazi Ukraine government immediately began mass-murdering Russian people in East Ukraine (Crimea), and a million people from there fled into Russia. Crimea then voted 90% to rejoin Russia, so President Putin annexed it. The U.S. and other NATO nations screamed in the corporate media that "Russia is invading Europe", and moved huge numbers of troops, tanks and nuclear missiles to Russia's Western border.

Q. Who discovered the cultural mass-psychopathy and the control by organized psychopaths?

A. Many people:

Dr Wilhelm Reich, who called it the Emotional Plague. A student of Sigmund Freud, he first observed it in individuals in therapy and later realized that it is a global emotional illness.

Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas and Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade, who called it the Dominator Paradigm, and showed that it came into being around six thousand years ago.

George Gurdjieff and Peter Ouspensky, author of In Search of the Miraculous, who called it Sleep.

Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, who discovered cultures among Venezuelan Indians who were completely happy and functional, because they'd been raised since birth with very close and loving parental contact.

Tony Wright, author of Return to the Brain of Eden, aka Left in the Dark, who discovered that we have a dominance, when awake, of our left (sequential/logical) brain over our right (associative/parallel/dreaming/lyrical) brain because of changes in our diet (including less bioflavonoids) during our history, which have had adverse epigenetic effects. This left-brain dominance has led to less imagination and flexibility and greater susceptibility to control by propaganda and authority -- mass-psychopathy. Also, the U.S. government puts fluoride in the drinking water to destroy the pineal glands in our brains (the Nazis did this too in their death camps), which if intact would produce small amounts of the psychedelic dimethyltryptamine, making people smarter and less susceptible to propaganda. That's why the government criminalizes all psychedelics -- cannabis, psilocybin, peyote -- because they wake up the right brain, which is our natural state.

Our right-brain can be active while we're awake -- it doesn't have to be "subconscious". Its suppression is caused by the pandemic psychopathy. The rulers prefer it that way -- it makes us easier to control. Instead, both halves can work together -- synergy. That's the state of freedom, creativity, full Consciousness!
"Let the river run, let all the dreamers wake the nation!" -- Carly Simon

Stanislov Grof, who like Reich, found, that deep, uninhibited breathing leads to a psychedelic state in which one can remember one's birth and can free oneself from subsequent imposed limitations.

Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Dennis and Terence McKenna, the Jefferson Airplane rock band, and many others, who found in the 1960s that careful use of psychedelics, including high-THC/low-CBD cannabis, can put us in a state in which we can correct our imposed restrictions and negativity, and recover our natural happiness and abilities with right/left brain synergy.
"Mexico" -- Jefferson Airplane

Q. Have we ever had a culture of Consciousness?

A. The 1960s Renaissance, in which millions of people found, through cannabis, rock music and underground newspapers (the Internet of the time) a new freedom and social interconnection. No longer believing the government's lies, we stopped the Vietnam War by huge protests.

This so frightened the psychopathic rulers of the U.S. government -- the people had never stopped one of their wars before -- that they made possession of cannabis as illegal as murder, closed down some rock music radio stations and replaced them with "hate-talk" fascist stations, substituted gangsta/pimp/ho music for psychedelic rock, and murdered four students and injured nine others at Kent State University, all of which combined to destroy the most important cultural evolution we've ever had.

Q. How can we restore a culture of Consciousness?

A. In the 1960s Renaissance we called ourselves the Woodstock Nation, after the historic 1969 music and art festival. We can recreate it!

Listen to the music of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship, John Lennon, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Fleetwood Mac, Sly and the Family Stone (Stand), Phil Ochs, Curtis Mayfield ...

The corporate media and government news are self-serving -- they try to make you live in their false-reality Matrix. Instead, use the Internet to get information from these accurate news sites

Watch these Conscious movies: The Golden Compass, The Matrix, My Dinner with Andre, Habitat, Pay It Forward, Pump Up The Volume, Til There Was You, Resurrection (1980), Contact, Working Girl, The Man From Earth, Doc Hollywood, Gravity

Every day take 5-10 grams/day of Vitamin C -- it's the natural amount, a healthfood B-100 complex, 400mg/day of mixed-tocopherol/ Vitamin E. Take 100ug of Vitamin B-12 under your tongue every other day -- swallowing it doesn't work for older people. 200 to 400mg per day of Ubiquinol (a better form of CoQ-10) with fish oil. Take a gram of citrus bioflavonoids once or twice a week.

Watch David Korten's videos. Read _The Chalice and the Blade_.

Organize economically in worker-controlled co-ops -- joint ownership in farms and manufacturing, and sharing of the profits, like the Mondragon Corporation.

Use local currencies, not banks.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco -- they are addictive brain poisons, that's why they're legal.

When you wake up from sleep, keep your eyes closed, go inside your mind, stay in the dream state for a while, and practice using your associative right-brain while you're awake. This can be called Lyrical Awakening, by analogy to Lucid Dreaming (which is using your sequential left-brain while you're asleep).

Every culture on Earth uses psychedelics to help people to use the full capabilities of our minds, and to heal from psychological trauma and anti-human influences. These natural plant substances activate the associative right-brain while we're awake, so it can work together with the sequential left-brain.

Cannabis (marijuana) is safe and gentle. Smoke a small amount of potent high-THC/low-CBD "electric" cannabis. Select buds in which the chlorophyll in the leaflets is green, not brown, which shows that the THC has not been exposed to conditions of age, air, and moisture that would convert it to CBD (which just makes you dopey). THC is not a drug, it's a nutrient, to supplement the endocannabinoid anandamide that's produced in our brains naturally, and to replace and enhance the effect of the DMT that would have been produced by our pineal glands, if they had not been calcified and destroyed by the fluoride put into the water. You only need a small amount of cannabis -- smoke it in a quiet place, bubbled through water to cool it and moisten the throat. Adjust the dose so it opens the door to your inner self, and then work with it, learning how to go inside your mind and fully awaken.

Feed your head!
Join the Woodstock Nation!

October 5, 2017