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The 1930s: Nazis Parading on Main Street

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1. This writer believes that one of the reasons the far right wing has always been fractured in this country, is the intense hatred and intolerant views or tunnel vision of these groups and their members. The writer also believes one of the reasons for the greater factorization during the 30s compared to the present time was a product of both economic conditions and the technology of the times. The groups in the 30s had to rely on the US Postal system to exchange their pamphlets. Unlike the groups from the 1980s that were quick to develop mailing lists over faxes and the use of the internet to exchange their pamphlets in the 1990s.
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44. It is this writer’s opinion that there is a very fine line between the crime of sedition and free speech. Overall the writer views the sedition trials negatively. The writer believes that some of those indicted were guilty of nothing more than exercising their right to free speech. Others were certainly guilty of sedition or even more serious crimes.
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