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The White Rose has always been proudly and defiantly liberal. The White Rose began with a primary goal of providing a source to progressive and liberal information that could be used to refute the same tired and silly arguments spewed by the right wingers on a daily basis in the political news groups. The White Rose believes strongly that well informed people armed with the facts will reject conservatism out of hand and remains committed to providing the information.

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Secondly the style of the White Rose has always been and will remain in your face. The White Rose will make no apology for being so.Coddling right wingers in the past is directly responsible for the present situation of the nation teetering on the brink of full-blown fascism. Since the beginning the White Rose has grown to an array of roughly 2000 links presented in a convenient and easy to use format.  Originally this section was designed for an occassional commentary. One of those article below gave birth to the Nazi Hydra in America, a online book about the extent and dangers of fascism in this country. The Hydra has quickly become the most popular section of the White Rose. One of the proudest moments for me was to discover that one of the chapters of the Hydra was being used as reference material by a university professor for a history class.

In the process of upgrading this site, this section will now serve for legal statements and as an archive area. Since the commentaries are political and time sensitive only a few articles will be archived.

Copyright information: The artwork for this site was created specifically for this site by myself with the following exceptions: the animated flag on the main page and the animated globe within the links section. Both items were obtained from freely available public domain material. Anyone wishing to use any of the art work or portions of the Nazi Hydra for non-commericial use are free to do so provided they acknowledge the source of the material. © Copyright 2001-2004 by Glen Yeadon

Privacy: The White Rose does not retain any information about its visitors other than what the counter at the bottom of the Nazi Hydra page collects. This information helps me in maintaining my ratings in search engines as well as in the redesigning and upgrading processes. The visitor is free to check the information gathered by the counter by clicking its icon on the bottom of the page. For people wishing to order the CD, I save your order form for a reasonable period of approximately three weeks (depending upon  your shipping address) to assure that you have received the CD undamaged after that period expires I dispose of your order form. No record of your purchase is retained after that time.


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