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Appendix OSS Personnel Jobs Following the War

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Joseph Alsop, unsuccessful Republican Governor candidate in Connecticut 1962 Republican National Committeeman

Victor Anfuso---Democratic Congressman from Brookyln 1950-62, Justice of the New York Supreme Court

Alexander Barmine--- Chief of Russian Branch of the US Information Agency during  Eisenhower administration.

Thomas Beale--- Jamaica ambassador 1965-1968

Andrew Berding---personal press aide for John Foster Dulles

John Blatnik---Minnesota congressman

David Bruce--- Ambassador to England, France, Germany and representative to Paris Peace Talks

Ralph Bunche--- Under Secretary-General of United Nations until 1971

Oliver Caldwell---Assistant Commissioner of the US Office of Education during

Kennedy Administration

John Calhoun, Deputy Attorney General during Eisenhower administration

Douglas Cater--- presidential advisor

Marshall Carter--- Deputy Director CIA 1962-65, Director NSA code breaking 1965-69

William Cary---Chairman US Securities and Exchange during Kennedy administration

William Casey---CIA Director

Ray Cline---CIA Deputy Director 1962-1969 Director of State Department Intelligence 1969

William Colby---CIA Director

Philip Combs---Assistant Secretary of State during Kennedy administration

Philip Crowe---ambassador to Ceylon, Union of South Africa, Norway

Emillo Daddario, Democratic congressman form Connecticut elected 1958

Douglas Dillon----Treasury Secretary

Allen Dulles---- CIA Director

William Eddy--- ambassador Saudi Arabia 1944-46

Alan Evans--- State Department Intelligence 1947-59

Gilmore Flues---Assistant Secretary of Treasury during Eisenhower administration

John Gardener---Secretary Of Health Education and Welfare 1965-68

George Garrett--- Ireland ambassador 1947-1953

Arthur Goldberg---Secretary of Labor 1961-1962, Supreme Court Justice 1962-1965 Unsuccessful Democratic Governor Candidate for New York 1970

Stanton Griffs---ambassador to Poland, Egypt, Argentina, Spain

Murray Gurfein--- federal judge that ruled on the Pentagon Papers case

John Haskell---US defense advisor to NATO 1955-60

Richard Helms---CIA Director

Richard Heppner---Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense during Eisenhower

Roger Hilsman---Special assistant to CIA Executive Officer during the Kennedy administration

Harold Hoskins---State Department Foreign Service Institute 1955-61

Lawrence Houston---General Counsel of CIA

Fisher Howe---State Department 1948--1958

John Hughes---- Ambassador to NATO 1953-55, Free Europe Committee 11958

Thomas Karamessines---CIA Director for Plans 1967

Paul Kattenburg---State Department, recommended total disengagement from Vietnam

Henry Kellerman---UNESCO 1956-61

Lyman Kirkpatrick, Executive Director CIA until 1965

Carl Kaysen---presidential advisor

Ridgeway Knight---Ambassador to Syria, Belgium, Portugal

William Macomber---State Department special assistant to John Foster Dulles

William Langer---Director of CIA Board of National Estimates 1950 Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board 1961

Walter Mansfield,federal judge New York City

William Maddox---Foreign Service until retirement

Edwin Martin--- Argentina ambassador 1964-1968.

Leonard Meeker---State Department legal advisor 1965-1969 Romania ambassador 1969

Clark McGregor---Minnesota congressmen elected in 1960, Assistant to Nixon for Congressional relations 1970.

Francis Pickens Miller, unsuccessful Democratic for Virginia Governor 1949

Robert Murphy---Ambassador Belgium, Japan, Under Secretary of State 1959-1960

Joseph Rendon, unsuccessful Republican congressional candidate from New Mexico 1954, part of Guatemala coup in 1954.

Theodore Ryan---Republican Minority leader and president pro tem of Connecticut State Senate 1953-57

Walt Rostow---presidential advisor 1966-69

Sidney Rubenstein---security advisor to US mission to NATO

Robert Schow---Assistant Director CIA 1949-51 chief of Army Intelligence 1956-58

Walter Bedell Smith---CIA Director 1950-53

Charles Stelle, State Department 1951-56, delegate to Nuclear Test Ban Conference

Charles Thayer---State Department, resigned 1953 after being attacked by McCarthy

Marget Tibbets---ambassador to Norway

Paul Van der Strict--- special assistant to CIA Director until 1971

Stuyvesant Wainwright, Republican congressman New York 1952-60

George White---investigator for Kefauver Committee

Hubert Will, federal judge Chicago

Hugh Wilson---Director of Foreign Affairs Section of Republican National Committee

John Wiley---ambassador to Colombia, Portugal, Iran, Panama

Frank Wisner--- top level CIA agent 1948-1962

J. Evelle Younger--- District Attorney of Los Angles 1964-68 Attorney General State of California

John Zuckerman---Deputy Director of Bureau of International Business Operations, Department of Commerce during Kennedy administration