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Brown Shirts and Free Elections

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The headline hit me like a lighting bolt as I read the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER. There it was as a wave of melancholy gripped me. Now mind you, it takes a lot to surprise me particularly when it comes to Republicans abusing the election process. One would have had to been mummified for the last year to not be aware of the how the Republicans stole the election.

On Election Day 2000 there were numerous reports of election irregularities: the infamous butterfly ballot, the disenfranchisement of black voters. Then there was the network calls giving Florida to Bush. Within days of the election we found out that it was a cousin of Bush that first made the call on Florida for Faux News.

On Thanksgiving Day a mob of rioting Republican congressional aides descended on the Miami election board and stopped a legal recount of the ballots.

To add insult to injury to Florida voters the Republicans called a special session thumbing their noses at the voters. By god they were going to appoint another slate of electors for Bush and to hell with the voters. Then came the infamous Supreme Court decision ruling that ballots were lethal weapons and injurious to the Texas Blowmonkey. The end result was five corrupt political hacks appointed their man to the Oval Office.

In the time that has past since the election and even more corrupt picture of the election has emerged. A Republican congress critter on the armed forces committee used his position to obtain election data of members in the armed forces from the Pentagon and then urging those servicemen that hadn't voted to do so at once.

Further it has now became clear that Kathleen Harris wiped her computer of records against the open office law destroying. It's also quite apparent that despite Harris's and Brother Jeb's claims that they would not use their offices for political purposes in the turmoil following the election that they both did.

There are far more stories of how the Republicans have attempted to subvert democracy than just stealing the pass election. Here in Oregon the Republicans with a majority in the state house crafted a redistricting bill that would have bypassed the governor's signature and could only be challenged in court in front of a Republican judge. So why would another headlines about more election abuse by Republicans grab me in such a profound manner? After all it was just another example of dirty tricks by the Republicans:

Greens say Republicans crashed their party
Environmentalists accuse them of helping in
order to sabotage Democrats.

Nor was it the first time that the Republicans used a third party to do their bidding. In the 1980s the Republicans used the LaRouchians to spread smears about Dukakis' mental health. Nor was this another Watergate headline or another October Surprise headline.

And unlike the LaRouchians, the Greens were outraged at this incident and they were up front and reported it. No this article is not another piece either extolling the virtues of the Green Party or a condemnation of it.

What gripped me was similar headlines from an earlier time and the parallels of the Putsch administration to that of another mega-manic. Since, being appointed to the Oval Office the Texas Blowmonkey has repudiated almost every single treaty concerning arms limitation that this nation has signed. He has repudiated the ABM treaty, the ban on nuclear testing, the ban on space based weapons, rejected the bio-weapons treaty and even the proposed global warming treaty.

Likewise, Putsch has no qualms in limiting our freedoms. He has prevented airline unions from striking and free speech is now possible only in some distant and obscure first amendment zone. Signs less than complementary to Smirk are ruled as weapons and not permitted in stadiums where Smirk may be babbling. Then there is Cheney's energy conference that was conducted in secret.

And we now have Smirk's word on what the rest of us may think. In a response to Bill Hangley, a writer for Philly Tonite Smirk replied "Who cares what you think?" It was the war mongering policies of Putsch and the loss of our freedoms that shocked me into recalling those older headlines from a distant past.

On October 22, 1936 the New York Post broke the following story.

Nazi Publicist On G.O.P Payroll

To win votes for Landon and Bleakley, the Republican State Committee is employing on its payroll a staff of propagandists identified with local Nazi organizations, the Post learned today.

On October 30, 1936 the New York World-Telegram revealed additional details.

U.S. Nazi Attack on Jews Is Laid to Republicans

Anti-Semitic Radio Speeches by Griebl, Others sponsored by G.O.P Fritz Kuhn Among Speakers in Regular Broadcasts over WWRL

The Republican Party had been sponsoring radio broadcasts by American Nazis to win German votes, it was disclosed today. One of the recent speakers was Dr. Ignatz T. Griebl a national Nazi leader and pronounced anti-Semitic...

Yes folks be very afraid. The last free election was 1998. The Fourth Reich has risen and the fuehrer is a fricking idiot.