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They Buried Democracy on Jan 20, 2001
at high Noon EST

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The skies opened cold and gray on January 20, 2001 in Washington DC. The forecast was for rain, sleet and snow a possibility indeed a cold rain did fall in the morning hours as if nature itself was weeping over the grievous event scheduled to transpire at high noon.

Yet under these skies many of my fellow countrymen gathered in crowds not seen since the days of Tricky Dick. They gathered not to partake in the schedule festivities but to protest those festive events. Nor was Washington the only place these patriots gathered. They gather together in every major city from coast to coast from the frozen hinterlands of Minnesota to the balmy reaches of our southern border.

They gathered for democracy and freedom's denied while being denied their constitutional rights of freedom to assemble, unreasonable searches and free speech under the aspects of public safety. I watched as the media reported of these fellow countrymen being subjected to unreasonable searches at various checkpoints along the parade route of the anointed one Cocaine Georgie, the Dimwit and had visions of Checkpoint Charlie.

What a strange world we now live in after the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the demise of Checkpoint Charlie that we now have checkpoints in the very city portrayed the world over as the citadel of democracy. A friend emailed me that they confiscated a book of matches from him at one of those checkpoints. As he put it, he was too busy laughing at the fools thinking that he could start a fire in the rain on a concrete sidewalk.

The talking fools of TV land gleefully reported that no sticks greater than three quarters of an inch would be permitted in, and thereby limiting the protestors rights by limiting the size of banners they could display.

I watched in horror as clips showed police in full riot gear herd the protestors like cattle away from the parade route while others clubbed some protestors. Nothing was going to detract from the anointing of Cocaine Georgie, the Dimwit. Isn't that the same lame excuse that the Supreme Court used in stopping a legal recount of the ballots? How was it that Scalia could rule before any briefs were even filed that continuing the recount could cause the Dimwit harm? Are ballots now lethal weapons? In the eyes of the Supreme Court ruling they most certainly are. One can only wonder when this court will ban ballots.

And let's not forget that the Chief Jester of that once august institution was a former poll watcher during the 1950s and 1960s in Arizona. And by all reports Rehnquist relished his role in that position pursuing his goal of stopping minorities from voting with the utmost vigor. And that 3 of his partners in treason had a vested interest in insuring that the Dimwit would be appointed.

Even more striking was how the talking fools of TV were propagandizing this as a peaceful transition of power. They repeated the phrase endlessly. Had any of these drones viewed the clips of the rioting mob in Miami that shut down a legal recounting of the ballots. Not one mentioned how the police conveniently stood aside and let the mob work its damage. Not one mentioned how the leaders of this very mob were assistants to the some of the vilest congress critters of the RepubliCON party like Bigot Lott and bug eye Delay, whose sanity is severely in question.

Nor did these talking fools make note of the fact that there were more protestors present than supporters of the Dimwit. No report surfaced detailing the broad nature of this coalition of patriots. Unlike the early times of Tricky Dick this was a broad coalition of Civil Rights groups, Feminist Groups, Environmentalist and World Trade Organization protestors. Every spectrum of the left was well represented.

No the talking fools never mentioned that the Dimwit was appointed and not elected, never mentioned that this election was stolen in a massive voter fraud operation in Florida, instead they mindless wailed away at how this was a peaceful transition of power. Or they gushed forth with flowerly praises for Dimwit's speech, a speech that was noteworthy for only its lack of noteworthiness. One could have expected a better acceptance speech from the captain of the local junior high football team. The speech oozed with all the warm mindless platitudes of opening the valve on a cesspool.

If that's what passes for leadership nowadays, we're fucked. Remember this is the same Dimwit whose handlers didn't trust to tell that his partner in crime, Cheney had suffered a heart attack until after the news had broke. It's the same Dimwit who in interviews looks more like a frighten little mouse with his whiskers twitching in profound fear. One can't help but wonder when his master's pulls the plug on him and end the charade.

But even more disturbing was all the while dimwit was spewing these empty platitudes of being a uniter he was working hard at being a divider. A uniter would have appointed an environmentalist to head the Department of Interior not an ecoterrorist that's more accustomed to representing world's worst polluters. A uniter would have appointed an Attorney General with a spotless record not one with all of the personality of a pissed off badger with his tail caught firmly in a leghold trap who used his office as Attorney General of Missouri for partisan political purposes. An appointee that is anti-civil rights, anti-abortion, anti-feminism, anti-gay. And a uniter would not have tried to stop a recount of the ballots.

No just as King George divided the country in 1776 King George II seeks to divide the country. He knows his fascist agenda of corporate rule can never gather a majority of the vote. In fact Al Gore led the popular count by over 500,000 votes.

Yes dear reader they buried democracy on January 20, 2001 at high noon EST. The Fourth Reich was born at high noon. We the voters are no longer in control of determining our fate. We now live in an occupied country as slaves to the Nazified States of America.

My fear is that Jefferson's eloquent words about the tree of liberty may indeed be true. No now is not the time to rise up in revolution. Just as the citizens of Germany could have rose up and replaced Hitler at least up until about 1936 with little bloodshed. We to can rise up and replace the dimwit without bloodshed. Impeachment is not out of the realm of possibilities.

We have not reached the point of bloodshed yet and let us hope that we don't. But we have reached a point in time when those of us that support democracy and freedom need to search into our very souls and draw a line in the sand. A line which if crossed leads to total opposition in the strongest sense of the word. Or you can wait until they arrest your congressman for believing in global warming or your child's schoolteacher for teaching evolution or your Democrat neighbor across the street for his views opposing vouchers. Just remember that if you wait too long they may come for you next. Six million do not need to perish before ending the madness this time.

Stand up and walk erect like a man. We as a society have sat back long enough. We have watched an illegal coup attempt that tried to oust a popular president. We have witnessed an election stolen from the voters. When is enough, enough?

Refuse and Resist.