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Environmental Sources

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Government Sources:

Bio Indicators: Early Indicators of Environmental Damage
Canada's Environment Site
Electronic Green Journal
Environmental Agencies: A Directory
Envirnomental Agencies of the World

Environmental Health Information Service
Environmental Protection Agency
European Environmental Agency
Federal Register of Environmental Documents
Fish and Wildlife Service

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
National Biological Information Infrastructure
NASA's Global Change Master Directory
New Zealand's Environment
Plants Database

United States Geological Service
USGS List of Links

Non Governmental Sources:


Bioserver a Tour de Force Directory of Ecology Sites
A Directory of Environmental Resources
Global Directory of Active Envirnomental Monitoring Groups
A Canadian Directory of Envirnomental Groups


Capitol Reports: For the Latest Envirnomental news concerning legisaltion and court cases.
Global Change Organization an Ejournal
Rachel's Ejournal
A List Of Electronic Journals
Another List of electronic Journals


American Rivers
CIESIN: Consortium for International Information Network
Earth Council: Earth Network
Eco Bridge

Envirnomental Working Group
Global Change Research and Information Office
Global Issues

National Academies
National Institute for the Environment
National Library for the Environment
Native Forest Council
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Rain Forest Action Network
Union of Concerned Scientists
Woods Hole Research Center
World Resource Institute