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Endangered Species

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The average rate of species extinction over the last 200 million years was 90 species per century. Today that rate is approximately 140 species per day.   


Alberta's Ecosystems and Endangered Species: A Great Source of Links and Information
Australia's Biodiversity Pages

Biodiversity and Conservation: an Excellent Online Book
Biodiversity Information Network
Bionet's Biodiversity Pages
Biodiversity Conservation Network
Biodiversity: Measuring Variety
forest destruction
Ciesin's Biodiversity and Ecology
Conservation Ecology Journal
The Defenders
Diversity of Life Includes an Excellent Section on Microbes
Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecology at Rice

EE-Link: Endanagered Species
Endangered Specie Com
Endangered Species Gopher
Stop Extinction
USGS's Endangered Ecosystems

The Wilderness Organization
World Species List
WRI's Biodiversity

Threats to Biodiversity:
The greatest threat to biodiversity comes from habitat destruction.

Alien Species Problem in Hawaiiforest destruction
Atmospheric Loadings to Coastal Ecosystems
The Cascade Effect
Causes for the Loss of Biodiversity
Causes of Extinctions and Consequences

Detecting Critical Scales in Fragmented Landscapes
Ecological Footprints of Nations
Endangered Ecosystems of the US
Extinction Prone Species
Fragmented Forests

Mechanisms for the Loss of Biodiversity
Over Population
Resilience and Restoration of Lakes
Sustainability, Stability and Resilience
Threats to Biodiversity

Threats to Canadian Biodiversity
Threats to Coral Reefs
Threats From Over Exploitation
Tropical Habitat Loss Threatens Mass Extinction
What's Happening to Our Biodiversity?

Minnesota Dwartf Trout LilyPrairie Bush Clover

The flower on the left is the Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily the one on the right is the Prairie Bush Clover, both are endangered. Presently biologists are agreed that approximately 70% of all plant species are in danger of becoming extinct.

Types of Biodiversity:

Canadian Ecosystems
Culture Diversity
Ecosystem and Habitats

Forest Ecosystems
Genetic Diversity
Introduction to Biomes
Measuring Diversity and Global Patterns
Natural Resources & Biodiversity of Ecosystems

New Zealand Biogegraphy
Overview of Biodiversity
The Science of Biodiversity
The Scope of the Problem
Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada

Why Species are in Danger
WRI's Description of Biodiversity

Benefits of Biodiversity:

The Case for Saving Species
Earth Ethics
The Importance of Biodiversity
Linking Biodiversity and Agriculture
Measuring Biodiversity Value

Multi Faced Aspect of Ecosystem Integrity
Values of Biodiversity from an Online Book

Endangered Species Act:

Biodiversity: Some Popular Myths Undone
Components of Biodiversity Law
Endangered Species & Wetlands Report: A Good Source for Current Legal Cases.
ESA and Other Laws and Treaties
Facts vs Myths: ESA

Protecting Biodiversity: An Argument for a Constitutional Amendment
State Laws and Policies Fail to Protect Biodiversity
Strenghtening the ESA
Use This Gopher Menu to Separate the Facts from the Myths about the ESA