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A Dangerous Fallacy

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Its now been a month since we allowed a thief to take up residence in the Oval Office and he just had his first press conference. If I see another damn news clip showing that grimy little son of bitch explaining what he meant by comparing sanctions against Iraq to Swiss Cheese I'm going to put my foot through the damn TV just as soon as I quit laughing.. Just because that air head fried his brain snorting cocaine in a delayed childhood lasting to he was 40 doesn't mean the rest of us didn't know what it meant. Shit the damn moron should have compared the sanctions to his head.

First there are two extremely disturbing aspects to his performance at the press conference. The first is how the right wing biased news media didn't even remark once about what a pitiful performance Dimwit turned in. If Al Gore had used that analogy they would have accused Gore of being ill with Mad Cow disease. To top it all off the Dimwit even managed to offend the Swiss over his remarks. All in all a fine performance turned in by lil George. Dan Quayle eat your heart out..

But even more disturbing is this airhead trying to explain what he meant by Swiss Cheese remark reveals that the damn idiot didn't know what it meant when he read it. He just read the script that his handlers put in front him. Which leads to the real question--just who in hell is running the country?

And why, within just a few days after bombing Iraq, this administration -- with whoever in hell at the helm now--feeds the Dimwit a script saying "ooops we're sorry Saddam? We're going to ease sanctions and be nice to you." It leaves you wondering if Junior got out of his playpen and started playing with the buttons in the Pentagon. For Christ sakes this is the only administration in which the White House babysitter has to have a national security clearance in order to run the damn country.

Then there was that press conference at Camp David with the Dimwit wearing a bomber jacket like some teenie booper trying to impress his latest flame by wearing his old man's military jacket. Again not one damn word of protest from the right wing media. This damn jerk was a draft dodger. Even after his rich pappy bought him a slot in the National Guards to avoid service in Vietnam, the airhead couldn't handle the obligation. Laying on your back in some damn Mexican whorehouse drunk and stoned out of one's mind is not exactly fulfilling one's obligation. Nor was going AWOL for eighteen months.

You would think the pitiful performance turned in by George, the Moron would be hard to top. But the truth is that an even more pitiful performance has been turned in by the leadership of the Democratic Party since the Dimwit was appointed to the Oval Office by corrupt political hacks pretending to be Supreme Court justices.

The first bill in either branch of congress should have been a measure to censor the Dimwit. A call for a full investigation before congress of election fraud should have been made the frist day of the new session. Impeachment hearings for the corrupt justices on the Supreme Court should have been opened.. And finally not a single Democrat stood up for the Black Caucus in congress to challenge the validity of the election and the Dimwit -- a pitiful performance indeed.

Then there is the matter of confirming the Dimwit's appointments, with a single exception of Powell everyone should have been challenged and rejected. The appointment of the pro-business I-have-a-right-to-pollute Gale Norton to the head of the Department of Interior was virtually unopposed. The only appointee that even faced a possible rejection was Aschroft.

Instead, all we hear from the Democratic leadership is that they will oppose Dimwit only on the major issues. Christ sakes! Appointing a racist bigot that would like to make his religion public policy to the Attorney General post is an issue. And appointing the toxic avenger to the Secretary of the Interior is an issue. Allowing the dimwit to set up an office on faith-based healing is an affront to our religious freedoms, a violation of the constitutional law and is an issue.

And what about that formally august body, the Supreme Court? It has went merrily on its way limiting our rights. So far, it has ruled that states have the rights to discriminate against employees in a decision that is nothing more than a full frontal attack on civil rights. It also upheld just yesterday a South Carolina law that requires abortion clinics to comply with a new set of guidelines issued by South Carolina -- guidelines that have nothing to do with medical care such as the thickness of the doors inside the clinic.Such guidlines are nothing more than a blatant attempt to ban abortions.

Further there are now reports of Dick Cheney setting up shop in Iran when he was head of Halliburton in direct violation of US law banning US corporations from conclusion with Iran. Oh the corporate shop was chartered in the Cayman Islands as a means of sidestepping the law. But the law included such shams leaving Cheney and Halliburton in violation. So where the hell has been the calls for the impeachment of Cheney for a felony crime by the Democratic leadership? Or is it now a matter of public policy that felons can serve in the office of vice president but are not allowed to vote in Florida? Hell in Florida people that were arrested for sleeping on a park bench 20 years ago were denied the right to vote this election. And not one god damn whimper from the Democratic leadership was made about it.

The answer is the Democratic leadership has rolled over and played dead while Dimwit and his house of crooks are setting up a full-scaled assault on our rights. This has set up a dangerous and ominous precedent for the right wing. They have stolen the election and are now ruling by executive fiat and nobody gives a damn other than a few well-behaved protestors. Every time the Democrats roll over and play dead on an issue it just encourages them to go one step further.

The Religious Reich has been promoting jury nullification of our laws for some time and has succeeded in some cases. The right wing lunatic Liddy has advocated murdering government agents on radio, giving instructions on where to shoot law enforcement officers. The right wing bigot in the Senate from South Carolina once threatened the life of President Clinton if he should ever set foot in that state. Wise Use loons and militias have attacked government workers in the performance of their job. Attacks on abortion clinics and their staff have soared into the hundreds each year. Gays are under constant attack.

The danger of mob rule has never been more real since the 1920s and the wholesale lynching of blacks in that decade. And now the Democratic leadership can only roll over and play dead for the Dimwit after he stole the election. If George Dimwit ordered congress closed and declared marshal law tomorrow would anyone give a damn? That's the type of precedent the Democratic leadership has set up by bending over backwards to accommodate the grimmy little bastard.

Think about it for a while folks. It's past time to throw a monkey wrench into this administration. The Democratic leadership is pursuing a fallacious policy of appeasement that will come to no good. We need leaders in congress that are willing to stand up and lead, not a bunch of bleating sheep waiting to be led to slaughter. Urge your timid congress critters to start walking upright like freemen and quit compromising with the Dimwit before we have no freedoms. And for Christ sakes send them a spine..