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The Tree of Liberty & 9-11

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I have a friend that I met three years ago in a neighborhood diner. After exchanging pleasantries for a while one morning he sat down next to me and commented that I was always reading the paper. Then he asked if I believed what I read. I informed him that I did not really trust the corporate media and that I got most of my news from foreign sources. His only comment that was I was a smart fellow. The rest of that morning he remained silent and I thought that maybe I had offended him somehow. A couple days later he asked me what I thought about the Kennedy assassination. He liked my response and from then on morning coffee would be full of conversation. It turns out my friend is an old news hound himself and has an extensive library on government wrong doing and conspiracies. Next to nothing escapes his eye. Whets more he can cite off the top of his head the principals involved in every damn act of wrong doing the government of this country has ever engaged in. His library is extensive and often times he feeds me tidbits from it testing my knowledge.

When the story broke about the Smirk Junta having foreknowledge of the 9/11 tragedy, it was of course the main topic of discussion that morning. Soon lets call him John Doe got very secretive and whispered that he wanted to talk to me outside. We both finished our coffees and went outside leaning up against my pickup. He then proceeded to tell me; he had absolute proof that the government as he put knew exactly when and where the terrorist would strike. He told me of taping some news broadcast of 9/11 at the time and giving them to a friend that he sees only 2 or 3 times a year for safe keeping in case anything happens to him.

I am a cautious man and I could not quite believe the story my friend had just conveyed to me as I went to work. His story kept gnawing at me all day. I thought maybe he was mistaken but then he had never been wrong before. When I got home that evening, I did a quick Google search. There it was. He had been right after all. Financial CEOs with offices in the World Trade Center had been evacuated to Offutt airbase the morning of 9/11. Smirk hid out like a scared rabbit at that same air base.

It is easy to see how everyone missed it. We were all distraught and on information overload in the days following 9/11. Sometimes the best place to hide something is right out in plain sight. There was no doubt that my friend was right, the Google search confirmed everything he had told me that morning as the following excerpt from the article shows.

On the morning of Sept. 11, Tatlock herself had just arrived with a small group of business leaders at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha for a charity event hosted by Warren Buffett. She then heard the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center's north tower.

The clip comes from the following San Francisco business journal.

Tatlock is a high CEO in the Franklin Funds group, a group that had offices in the World Trade Center. The cover story in this article for her presence at Offutt was a charity event. Buffett just happens to be the owner of the inurance corporation that held the insured the towers. However, note the unusual time for this supposedly charity event. It would have had to been around 8 AM Central Time, too late for a charity breakfast and much too early for any charity lunch or dinner. Notice also in the article that she arrived with a small group of "business leaders" all obviously from the East Coast.

Its in print folks the top financial CEOs that had offices in the World Trade Center were at Offutt airbase on the morning of 9/11. In addition, according to my friend there was a broadcast clip with the same info. I will not doubt my friend’s information again.

To add further credibility to this story, we need to look no further than a recent exposure of Smirk’s plans for a shadow government. Congress has uncovered the tip of Smirk’s plan for government succession in case he met an untimely demise. The most amazing thing in Smirk’s plan was the omission of any one from the Democratic Party including those members of Congress that are in the constitutional line of succession. Moreover, various business leaders were included in these plans. In other words, Smirk found the time to save these financial rats but did not have the time to save the 3000 or so expendable people that worked in the World Trade Center.

This brings up the question of the missing Dick. It seems as if Dick only pops up once Junior gets himself over his head. Once Dick has made an appearance on a couple news program ranting about patriotism and how this country is at war, he promptly disappears. Is Dick quietly laying plans to establish martial law or some other draconian restrictions on our freedoms all under the disguise of security? Has Dick been working at activating the exposed CIA Operation Garden Plot? The question has been troubling me since 9/11. It is time for a full disclosure of what Dick has been up to since 9/11. The people and congress has the right to know.

Since the morning, that my friend dropped this bombshell on me more startling news reports have surfaced. Newsweek has learned that a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans on September 10 due to security concerns. Brother Jeb activated the National Guard in Florida out of concern for law and order on September 7 by executive order.

It is now quite clear from the news reports that Smirk was forewarned about the terror attacks while vacating at his ranch in August. He did nothing to prevent them. Meanwhile, while at the ranch he was developing specific plans for bombing the shit out of one of the world’s poorest country for the Unocal pipeline. How was it that these plans were developed before 9/11? More and more news reports are showing that this administration actually hindered the intelligence community’s investigations prior to 9/11. For instance, the reports of potential terrorist in flight schools in both Minnesota and Arizona were forwarded to the same FBI manager in Washington. Like Smirk, he did nothing and now claims he never seen the report.

Finally, there were numerous warnings from intelligence agencies abroad. The Mossad desperately tried to warn the CIA several times in August, going so far as to prod the Russians to give their own warning to the United States.

The response out of this Junta that tries to pass itself off as a legitimate presidential administration has been nothing but lies. Condi Rice lied when she said no one could ever have imagined anyone crashing a plane into the Pentagon. Exactly that had been reported to Washington from the Philippines in the mid 90s. The report from the Philippines specifically mentioned the World Trade Center as a target and also included plans or multiple hijackings.

Then there were the lies about how it was the fault of Clinton. Another lie, Clinton tried to get a terrorism bill passed in congress but the bill was derailed by none other than Trent Lott and a few other notable Republican leaders in congress. Finally, there is this flood of warnings in the past week. Nothing is safe: suicide bombers roving the streets of America, apartments to be blown to hell by terrorist, and terrorist with scuba diving equipment. In an appearance on "Imus in the Morning" radio show, Rather labeled this barrage of terrorist alerts as political damage control.

There is ample evidence of forehand knowledge of the 9/11 attack being deliberately ignored. I could go on for pages listing additional evidence. Congress wants to establish a committee to investigate what was known by whom and when did they know it. That is just the polite way of setting up another blue labeled committee to sweep everything under the rug in a cover. Just like the Warren Commission covered up the Kennedy assassination. What is need is for congress to start impeachment proceedings immediately. The evacuation of the financial CEOs to Offutt and the cancellation of travel plans by Pentagon officials are hard proof that the Smirk administration knew before hand.

Only one conclusion is possible the Smirk Junta used their foreknowledge of what was to happen on 9/11 as a gambit to impose draconian restrictions on our freedoms and to conduct a war for the sole benefit of the oil companies. Within two days, Attorney General Ashcroft had submitted to congress the so-called patriot bill. Unfortunately, as it now turns out he only gave members of congress a three-page summary of the bill. In a lust to be regarded as patriotic congress passed the bill without knowing the full contents. Many of the provisions are unquestionably unconstitutional.

The Smirk Junta is now circling their wagons asserting anyone that questions the administration as being unpatriotic. Further, Rumsfeld using the patriotic bill has asserted that anyone referring to the media and congress question the motives of this Junta can be charged with giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Such claims render that passage within the patriot bill unconstitutional in that it violates free speech and the very heart of the constitution that provides congressional oversight of the executive branch.

Be afraid dear readers, be very afraid. We have absolute proof that this Junta has no fear of wiping out your constitutional rights in a blink of an eye in the name of patriotism. Look briefly at their record. Following 9/11 the Attorney General has detained roughly one thousand individuals based on nothing more than their country of origin and held them without charges, trial or the benefit of legal counsel. It holds several hundred prisoners captured in Afghanistan in a concentration camp in Cuba in what amounts to as open-air dog kennels. Finally, this Junta asserts that those they charge with such crimes are not entitled to an open trial. For them, all that is needed is a kangaroo "trial" in front of a military tribunal.

Yes, the reader should be very afraid. Writing this article could get me labeled as unpatriotic and charged with aiding the enemy. Yet, I do not have a clue as to who this Junta considers the enemy other than vague assertions of terrorist. Their irresponsible assertions that Cuba and Castro were terrorist with bio-weapons were dispelled as a lie by former President Carter. Which according to the noises emanating from the White House would mean Carter was guilty of aiding the enemy. Such folly is truly absurd.

Yet, this Junta only considers the mindless sea of flag wavers and cardboard cutouts as true patriots. The true patriots in this country do not need flags to wave. They stand alone questioning any restriction on our freedoms unflinching and defend the constitutional rights of those abused by the flag wavers.

I will close this essay with eloquent words of Thomas Jefferson.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure."

Be vigilant dear reader, if you should observe that your friends or neighbors are suddenly disappearing mysteriously in the middle of the night do not wait for the knock on your door, the time has come to defend liberty or fall victim to tyrants. Where will you stand?