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Feminist Issues

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Rate Your Congress Critter by Issues you Support or Oppose
E-Mail Your Congressman
Woman Suffrage in the U.S.
A History of Suffrage



Cybergrrlz: A Ezine
Directory of Women's Organizations
Empowerment Resources

Feminist Activist
Feminist Collections: A Quarterly
Feminist Legal Study

The Feminist Organization
Feminist Theory
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Justice Information Center
MinCava: Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
The National Women's Health Information Center
On Issues a Progressive Women's Quarterly
Voice of Women

Women's Health Center
Women's Health
Women's History
Women Leaders Online
Women Resources on the Internet

Women Source
Women Studies an Excellent Resource
Women's Word: A News Letter
Working Women

Political Issues:

Center for American Womenand Politics
Democratic Feminist Caucus
Emily's List of Pro-Women Politicians
Equal Rights Amendment
Guaranteeing Equal Rights

League of Women Voters
NOW's Pacs
Search Cornell Law for Historically Important Supreme Court Rulings
Statement of the ERA
Women, Government and Politics

Women Leaders Online

Economic Issues:

Advancing Women.COM
Dataline a Newsletter Reporting on the Glass Ceiling
Department of Labor: Womens's Bureau
Equal Pay
Equal Pay Coalition of Canada

Equal Pay Watch- Australia
Facts about Working Women
Glass Ceiling
The Glass Ceiling.COM
Glass Ceiling Fundamently About Civil Rights

The Homeless Womens Network
International Association for Feminist Economics
Misleading Statistics - Women Rising in Management
Shatter the Glass Ceiling:
Three Levels of the Glass Ceiling

Its Time for Equal Pay
Its Time for Working Women to Earn Equal Pay
UNFPA: Women and Poverty
Women and Poverty

Sexual Assault:

Nature of Sexual Assault in New Mexico 1996-1997
RAINN: Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network
Rainn Crisis Centers
Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Resource List
Sexual Assault Resources

SOUL's: Self Help Central for Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Survivors: A Forum for the Sexual Abused

Sexual Harassment:

Facts about Sexual Harassment
Help for Sexual Harassment on the Job
Sexual Harassment:Civil Rights & Criminal Justice, a Primer
Sexual Harassment Hotline & Resources
Sexual Harassment: Open Season on Working Women

Sexual Harassment a Resource


Anti-Stalking Web Site
Canada's Stalking Law
Stalking & Domestic Violence
Stalking Information
Stalking Victims Sanctuary

Female Gential Mutilation:

Female Genital Mutilation: Civil Rights
Female Genital Mutilation
Female Genital Mutilation from the Feminist

Reproductive Rights:

Abortion Law
ACLU Reproductive Rights Page
Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Links Page
Birth Control Methods
CARAL: Canadian Abortion Rights Action League

Another Page on Clinic Violence
Directory of Abortion Clinics
Freedom of Access
Helping Hands Pregancy Care Center

History of Abortion Rights
The Male Pill
National Abortion Federation
NOW's Pro Choice Site
Planned Parenthood

Reproductive Rights Resources
Women of the World

Family Violence:

ABA's Commission of Domestic Violence
Collected Statistics About Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Awarness Handbook
Domestic Violence Handbook
Domestic Violence Information Center

Domestic Violence Institute
Domestic Violence Notepad: A Link to Resources
GOP Welfare Reform Hurts Battered Women
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute

A Handbook of Facts
Men and Women Against Domestic Violence
MINCAVA: Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Multidisciplinary Response to Domestic Violence
The Safety Zone

Statistics for Crimes against Women
Violence Against Women