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Favorite Son, Illegitimate President

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By the time you read this perhaps the presidential race will be decided. In all likelihood the prince of darkness little George II will be declared illegitimately as president. As it is nine days after the election no winner has been declared with two states, New Mexico and Oregon undeclared , and a third state Florida mired in controversy over disputed ballots.

DopeyWhat is clear at the moment is Al Gore leads the popular vote by roughly 300 thousand nor is that likely to change. Gore likewise leads in the number of electoral votes so far declared. What the election hinges on at the moment is about a 300 vote lead for Bush in Florida. If that result should be allowed to stand Florida's twenty five electoral votes will go Bush and Bush wins the election.

In short the will of the people is being held hostage by the Bush camp. Bush and his henchmen are using the court system and the archaic Electoral College in declaring themselves the winner. While the Electoral College has served the country well in its beginning, it clearly is antiquated and in need of replacing. Ironically the same argument the Bush camp is pursuing in the ultra conservative 11th District Federal Court in Atlanta to stop the hand recount in four Florida counties is the very same reason the Electoral College needs to be changed.

The Bush camp is arguing that the hand recounts in specified counties in Florida are unconstitutional under the 14th amendment in that they violate the equal protection provisions. Yet this is precisely what the Electoral College does. It bestows and unequal advantage to people in less populous states. States with only four electoral votes see their power in a presidential race increased by roughly 60% while states with more than ten electoral votes see a net lost in their power.

But don't expect Junior to argue anytime soon in changing the electoral system. Nor can any changes be expected anytime in the future. Such changes would require a constitutional amendment and small states are not going to relinquish their power.

Basing the presidential race on the popular vote would be the ideal choice. But the right wing extremists vilify such a system as mob rule. Yet this is the very base for our democracy and the method of choice used in every other elected office in the nation. Alarmingly since the election the enemies of freedom in this country have loudly condemned democracy as mob rule and that this country is not a democracy but rather a republic. Such nonsense has not been heard since the 1930s in this country and then those that made such false claims wore swastika armbands.

In light of the difficulties of changing the present Electoral College, this writer would like to offer one change that would be a noticeable improvement of the current winner take all system that would not change the balance of state power. Simply reward one electoral vote to the winner in each congressional district.But again the major parties are not going to want to relinquish power and make it easier for thrid parties to arise.

However, the power mad right wing have already decried such a system claiming it would shift the power and the campaigning to the large urban areas at the expense of rural America. Such arguments are nonsense unless the critics can name me the candidate that campaigned in Cloverdale, Oregon, Lone Tree, Iowa or Dexter, Minnesota. I doubt if any candidate could even place one of those tiny farm communities on a map, hell I doubt if the average reader could. But I could go on naming hundreds of such small hamlets that I have past through in a dozen states.

But then the problem with this election has came down to four counties in Florida and reports of systematic voter irregularities if not outright voter fraud. It is far more than the confusing butterfly ballot in the Palm Beach area, although the Bush camp would like us to believe that is the case.


On Election Day this writer heard reports of early exit polls by 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time that Gore was leading Bush by 3 to 1 in three of the largest population centers in Florida. These are the same exit polls that major networks use to call the election. After enough counts came in confirming the exit polls the networks called the state for Gore. One of issues that was to emerge from the incessant whining of the Republicans following the election was this early call of Florida for Gore while a few counties in the extreme western tip of the Florida panhandle were still open.

Their faux claim of discouraged voters leaving the polls without voting does not bear up under close scrutiny. The fact of the matter is the so-called early call of Florida came with only fifteen minutes left before the scheduled closing of polls in these counties. Election officials in those counties have reported that they saw no one turning away from the polls or departing without voting. I find it hard to imagine that any of these voters standing in line waiting to vote would have even been aware of the networks' call.

Nor do these same Republican pundits ever mention the later erroneous call of Florida for Bush. Further their claim about the early call of Florida affecting the vote in the west simply does not fit the facts. The only states going to Gore in the Mountain and Pacific Time zones were states were Gore was favored to win handily with the possible exception of New Mexico. And remember this call was just fifteen minutes before the majority of the polls in the Central Time Zone would close. Thereby rendering mute any false claims that the early call of Florida discouraged people from voting. In fact even in the Central Time Zone Gore only won states that he had been projected to win.

But then this is just one example of the overall media strategy of Bush and the Republican Party. That strategy appears to be that if they throw enough shit against the wall some of it might stick. Too bad no one has told them that the only ones that get dirty are the ones tossing the shit.

The Republicans are conducting two strategies in the aftermath of the automatic recount of the vote in Florida. One is a media campaign to display Smirk as presidential and the other with winning the Florida vote by any means possible. While in many cases the two strategies cannot be separated completely at other times they are openly visible.

Reports of Bush throwing out the name of Colin Powell as his possible Secretary of State serves no purpose other than to dress up a clown as the incoming president. But it and other reports of Bush working on his transition team does reveal the bias within the media as the ever-obedient lap dog of the Republican Party. For the last eight years the media has served the Republican line up to their readers and viewers. Without the media's help the coup attempt otherwise know was the impeachment fiasco would not have been possible.

In this post election mess once again we can see the media bias. One they portray Gore as the loser of the election. Never mind that Gore leads in both the popular vote and the electoral vote counts. Nether the less the media's blind bias paints Gore as the loser and needing a victory in Florida to win. No mention of the fact that little George needs a win in Florida is ever made.

It's this very image of Gore as a disgruntled loser that the Republicans are successfully cultivating in their quest for the White House. The media so far has played blindly along in the attempt of Republicans to use this image to win over public opinion with their claims of the bad image Gore has created in the rest of the world of our democracy and voting system.

As someone who has always been willing to help the fool and his folly along in their quest, I'll offer up just such a report although I doubt if this is exactly the image the Republicans were seeking to create. This article appeared in the European press and comes from a Zimbabwe politician quoted as saying that children should study this event closely as election fraud is not only a third world problem. The good gentleman from Zimbabwe observed 10 points.

1. The self proclaim winner was the son of the former prime minister, who was former head the nation's secret police(CIA).

2. The self proclaimed winner had lost the popular vote.

3. The self proclaimed winner's victory hinged on dispute votes in a province governed by his brother.

4. That poorly designed ballots in this providence led thousands to vote for thewrong candidate.

5. The nation's most despised caste fearing for their lives turned out in record numbers in near universal opposition to the self proclaimed winner.

6. Untold hundreds of members of this despised caste were intercepted on their way to the polls by the state police operating on orders from the self proclaimed winner's brother

7. Out of the 6 million votes in the disputed providence the self proclaimed winner'smargin was only 327 votes.

8. The self proclaimed winner and his party opposed a careful hand recount of the ballots.

9. The self proclaimed winner was a governor of a major providence with the worsthuman rights record of any providence and led the nations in executions.

10. The self proclaimed winner had made a pledge to fill the court system with like minded human rights violators.

Such where the words of a very astute gentleman from a troubled African nation that has seen more than it's share of misery and violations of human rights. Hardly the image that little George had in mind and hardly the image that the mass media is displaying in atransparent effort to stampede Gore into conceding defeat.

Nor is this the only negative image of little George in the eyes of the world. There is the lawsuit filed by Chernomyrdin after little George made the reckless claim that he pocketed IMF money in one of the debates. Such a reckless mistake during the campaign in an effort to score cheap points can only point to the unfitness of little George for the office of the president. Yet there was merely a burp in our press over the filing of the lawsuit. Not a single article of little George's fitness for office after pulling such a childish trick appeared in the media. No articles critical of Bush alienating a leader of Russia were ever published.

In the aftermath of the election the focus should be on the voting irregularities not on the spin of the media. Yet there is little doubt that the media is still sucking up to his imperial haughtiness, Emperor George II, the Illegitimate.

In fact before the election the Bush camp feared that Gore might win enough electoral votes but lose in the popular vote. On November 1 a Bush aide was quoted in the New York Daily News "The one thing we don't do is roll over -- we fight." The jest of the article reported "the core of the emerging Bush strategy assumes a popular uprising, stoked by the Bushies themselves, of course. In league with the campaign -- which is preparing talking points about the Electoral College's essential unfairness -- a massive talk-radio operation would be encouraged." Going further the Bush aide was quoted as "We'd have ads, too," said a Bush aide, "and I think you can count on the media to fuel the thing big-time. Even papers that supported Gore might turn against him because the will of the people will have been thwarted. Local business leaders will be urged to lobby their customers, the clergy will be asked to speak up for the popular will and Team Bush will enlist as many Democrats as possible to scream as loud as they can."

This then was the pre-election media strategy of the Bush camp. And the media's bias in favor of Bush shines through in wake of the election in the failure of the media to point to the Bush's win at any cost strategy reported above. Not a single mention of it has appeared in the post election news. Of course the election threw a curve at Bush and left his camp in a temporary daze in manipulating the media and public opinion.

But within days the Bush camp recovered some of their composure with the venomous viper, Karen Hughes issuing hateful tirades as trial balloons at each new turn the post election chaos took. No better example of the close association of the Bush camp with hate radio can be found than in the example of the November 10 radio broadcast of the Hal Turner show as the following excerpt shows. "While Gore supporters are holding protests in the streets, Bush supporters are buying bullets at gun shops. In the three days since the U.S. General Election, ammunition sales throughout the United States have jumped an astonishing nine-hundred percent (900%). Americans are furious over massive, blatant and widespread vote fraud by supporters of Al Gore and many are openly talking about blood in the streets."

The Bush camp could easily disavow such talk but strangely their tongues are silent on the mater. But hate radio is burning up with talk of Clinton remaining in office and the Republican Party is stoking the fire. As such talk is not limited to just the wild eyed cranks playing army in their backyards, U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tx) has lent credibility to such prospects of violence on WBCQ. Asked if President Clinton would use the situtation to remain in power, Paul responded: "Six months ago, I thought the idea was preposterous. Now I'm not so sure. The people would come out and there would be total violence."

Billy Tauzin (R-La) chimed in with a request for an investigation of the media. Well once again this writer would welcome such an investigation but I doubt if Billy would like it. Questions about Fox Election Night's decision desk headed by John Ellis, little Georgie's cousin and the man responsible for rushing the call of Florida to Bush just might pop up. But even more disturbing were the reports of Ellis conferring on the phone with both broth Jeb and little George as the following quote shows: "Their mood was up, big-time. It was just the three of us guys handing the phone back and forth, me with the numbers, one of them a governor, the other the president-elect. Now that was cool." Ok Billy bring on that investigation, the people would like to know the truth.

But the vilest act of the media is its attempt to stampede Gore into conceding the election. They erroneously report that people are tired of the mess. That Gore should concede for the good of the country. Yet polls show nothing could be further from the truth. By a 3 to 1 margin Americans feel its more important to make certain the vote count in Florida is fair and accurate. Only about half opposed waiting beyond the Friday deadline for absentee ballots. Another 40% feel Gore should wait for any court decision. Only about a fourth feel Gore should concede immediately, and I'll let the reader to guess who they voted for and don't be fooled by the Bush media bias.

What followed in the morning and days after the election was chaos. The only thing that was certain was the uncertainty itself. There was widespread anger in the Palm Beach area over the ill designed and confusing butterfly ballot. A recount of the ballots in Florida was automatic. Gradually in the days following the election a rather grim picture began emerging. There was that strange disappearance of about 10,000 votes for Al Gore in Volusia County on election night totals. Reports of missing ballot boxes turning up, others opened with ballots strewn across the floor. Reports of state police intimidating Black voters, of absentee voters being mailed two ballots, of a large number of absentee ballots all with the same return address, the city zoo. At least one precinct was reported closed encompassing the area around the University of Florida. Of wrongly marked ballots and doubled punched ballots and of voters being refused a new ballot when they made a mistake. Additional reports surfaced of polls closing with voters still in line, others of polls opening late for lack of ballots and still other polls running out of ballots. Others of voters being mistakenly removed from the rolls because their names were similar to ex-felons or because of a change in address that could not be verified because of a shortage of staff and of Black motor voters not being added to the rolls.

Taken singularly all of these could be attributed to simple human error or a snafu. But then the Sunday London Times reported minority voters in the Miami area were given pre-marked ballots and were refused a new unmarked ballot. Such actions are a clear-cut case of voter fraud and now shed a different light on the other voting irregularities. A very sophisticated and hard to detect picture of a vast voter fraud and vote skimming operation emerges. A few votes in one county is lost to Gore by one method another few votes lost in a different county for another reason and still in another county Bush picks up a few more votes for another reason. This is the picture that has emerged from Florida, a picture that would turn any despot in a third world banana republic green with envy.

But the picture gets even murkier as little Georgie sent his point man the remonstrating Jim Baker and a horde of lawyers. Baker soon Filled the airways with all the pontification of a country preacher that had long overstayed his welcome. Writing his script as he went along Baker first tried to bully Al Gore into conceding for the good of the country.

Then along the same line came one of the most ridiculous and patently false claims in the whole post election mess. Baker held up Tricky Dick as the paradigm of virtue with all the ethics and morals of a starving vulture, claiming Nixon had graciously conceded the 1960 election. The fact is Nixon did not concede the election until only after the recount was complete in Illinois and had revealed a ballot box stuffing operation in southern Illinois on his behalf. Nor would Illinois alone have given Nixon the required margin in the Electoral College as Kennedy held the lead there of 303 to Nixon's 219. And Baker's memory drew a blank when it came to the 1968 election in which Tricky Dick used Anna Chennault as his go between to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks. Them Republicans will go to the ends of the earth to win an election.

With the automatic machine recount of the Florida ballots a clearer picture began emerging. Gore gained a substantial number of ballots in over thirty counties cutting Bush's lead to less than 300 votes. Another eleven counties were strangely unchanged and Bush picked up small gains in the remainder of the sixty seven counties.

Over 19,000 ballots in heavily Democratic Palm Beach County were thrown out. But Republicans are quick to respond that roughly 16,000 ballots in heavily Republican Duval County were likewise thrown out. However, they lie like Republicans. What they fail to mention that the bulk of these ballots came from a couple of predominately Black precincts that were heavily in favor of Gore.

By this time reports of voter fraud and irregularities on the part of the Bush camp was beginning to emerge in other states. Reports came from Missouri, Michigan, Iowa and Kansas of voter intimidation and misinformation as they entered the voting booths. In Iowa it was reported that elderly people received phone calls informing them that they had to be specifically registered for this election to be able to vote. In West Virginia voters received calls from a Republican phone bank in California falsely informing them that Senator Robert Byrd (D, WV) had not endorsed Al Gore. In Kansas voters were the target of phone calls giving false information about the state's election laws.

With his media propaganda spinning wildly out of control and taking as many twists and turns as a Texas twister, little George activated his hotline to the wicked witch of the south, Florida's Secretary of State and co-chair of his election campaign, Katherine Harris. Harris herself is no stranger to election irregularities and dirty tricks, having accepted illegal campaign donations in the past. Her first actions were to stop the hand recounts.

Harris's decree was immediately challenged in court successfully. There are few heroes to have emerged in Florida during this election with one notable exception, County J Robert W. Lee, and canvassing board chairman of Broward County. Whose county board has refused to acknowledge the demands of the Wicked Witch of the South, Katherine Harris to stop the hand count within Broward County. In his exact words the good Judge stated ``Well, then let her get a (court order) to make us stop, She's not the final legal authority.''

Failing at stopping the hand recounts she then sought to delay the recounts and then issued another decree that no ballot tallies would be accepted after the deadline for absentee ballots had passed. Slapping her down again Florida courts ruled that she could not arbitrary reject amended tallies. Harris then immediately issued an ultimatum that the counties inform her office by 2 PM the next day why she should accept amended tallies. Once that deadline passed she then rejected all of the requests from the counties doing hand counts as not meeting her criteria. Yet Florida law is quite specific in disputed elections, a hand count when requested is the final arbitrator. The Gore campaign faithfully followed the law in requesting hand counts only to see Harris arbitrary deny such request.

But there is more lurking in the background of the wicked witch of the south. Interesting enough Harris receives legal counsel from Steel, Hector and Davis, a law firm with strong ties to Jeb Bush. The law firm has also confirmed that it is working with Mac Stipanovich a Republican who ran Bush's 1994 gubernatorial campaign and a top advisor to Harris. As time goes by what is becoming clear is that Harris is incapable of serving the state of Florida and receives her orders directly from Austin, Texas.

This is about where the Florida mess stands to date. The hand recounts are proceeding in the four counties and with the fate of these counts is yet to be determined in the court system. But once again the media has failed to point out the hypocrisy of the Republican effort to reject these hand counts from the four disputed counties. The media has made little mention of the fact that the Republicans requested hand-counts on Election Day in six counties. Those hand counts gave Bush approximately 475 votes.

The latest gambit by the Bush camp has been outrageous charges of absentee ballots from overseas U.S. military personnel being unfairly rejected. They falsely claim that it would be the first time in history that military personnel were unable to vote. The fact of the mater is that during WWII Republicans held up a bill in congress to allow the oversea forces to vote. It is also a fact that for every disputed ballot a member of both parties has to agree to the decision. Further the courts may order a blanket rejection of all absentee ballots in at least the heavily Republican County of Seminole.

Sandra Goard, the local election supervisor in Seminole County provided space in her office to two Republican operatives and allowed them access to voter files and ten days to correct incomplete and incorrect absentee ballots. Florida law limits any changes or correction of applications for absentee ballots to immediate family members. The Democrats on the other hand were never notified.

At present the fate of the election and the nation hinges on less than a thousand votes in Florida with the outcome to be likely determined by the courts rather than the people. No one should expect any relief from the U.S. Supreme Court. I can only wonder what the gentleman from Zimbabwe would have to say if he knew that the Chief Justice was a former poll watcher during the 1950s in Arizona. Poll watchers at that time were nothing more than thugs who intimidated and harassed any minority member that dared to vote.

The only real chance for the will of the people lies within the Electoral College. At best it's a slim chance. It would only take a handful of delegates to switch their votes in favor of Al Gore. Hopefully a few Republican delegates has a sense of fairness and are thoroughly disgusted with the election fraud on the part of the Bush camp and will graciously cast their vote for Gore and the people.

Looking forward what would a Bush administration bring? With the nation already split almost equally down the middle an illegitimate president will only bring gridlock. No clear majority exists in either the House or Senate, even the recent cases in the Supreme Court split 4-5 or 5-4, it would take real statesmen to rise above the fracas to achieve meaningful leadership.

The majority of the pundits seem to think that such an evenly division within the government will lead to a more conciliatory agenda by Bush and the Republican Party. Don't believe it for a moment. I remember what happened in the Oregon House when the Republicans gained the majority in 1994. They refused to nominate anyone for the Frank Roberts' Annual Memorial Award honoring out standing public servants. The Democrats pleaded for them to nominate someone including members of their own party. But since Roberts had been a Democrat they refused. They needlessly dragged the name of a good man in the mud. That was also the same year in which the Republicans took control of the House in Washington D.C with Nootie full of vinegar and sass. Six years later Nootie is nothing more than a very noisy footnote in the annals of history.

No if Bush manages to steal this election the resulting picture will be one of Nootie with a megaphone. The extremist within the Republican Party know they are dead meat so they will have nothing to lose in trying to shove their agenda down our throats. Already one third of Nootie's freshmen had already been voted out of office. Even in this election the real extremist were voted out, Rod Grams (R Mn) and Ashcroft (R Mo) are two notables. Several of the impeachment managers are likewise seeking new opportunities after losing their reelection this year.

Little George II has already revealed to us what his administration would be like. First we know that free speech will likely to be severely curtailed. In Austin he had protestors banished to a small area across the street from the State House. In the campaign he stated there should be limits to freedom in referring to an anti-Bush website.

DickSecondly look closely at the type of people Little George surrounds himself with. It will be a rerun of his father's administration only more extreme. His choice of Dick Cheney as vice president and of Jim Baker as his point man in Florida are reruns of the previously failed Bush administration. People should begin to question why on Aug8, 1990 President Bush signed a Waiver of Conflict of Interest for Jim Baker, Dick Cheney and others. If the reader ever wonders why Bush failed to allow the armed forces inside Iraq to march unopposed to Baghdad, lets take a close look at those waivers. Further Baker took two vacations, one shortly after Iraq invading Kuwait the other with the beginning of the Gulf War. Was Baker more interested in covering his own ass than in the interest of the country. Why did Baker and Cheney need this legal protection?

And finally look at how little George ran his campaign. In the primaries he leveled the asinine charge that John McCain was a Manchurian candidate. That McCain was nuts because of his capture by the North Vietnamese. Then there is along string of dirty tricks such as the subliminal ads, the Daisey ad, and the racist claptrap ads in the Kansas City area. So tactics coupled with his many false claims in Florida clearly reveals a very desperate campaign on the part of little George. It seems that he must win at all cost to tidy up for his daddy's administration before that information comes out under the Freedom of Information Act. One should not forget that George Bush as both vice president and president did more to limit information and suppress free speech than anyone since Nixon.

Count on the first amendment being the first casualty of little George's rein of terror if he manages to steal this election. Little George will gut the Bill of Rights, he has no respect for your right to privacy, or your right to refuse to testify against yourself. The seventh amendment the right to sue will fall by the wayside to protect his rich industrial friends.

For the reader that has gotten this far this is indeed a very bleak picture of the future. No one ever promised that the struggle for liberty and freedom would be easy. But there are several steps you can take to limit the damage little George can do. First and foremost never accept him as a legitimate president, only as the wolf that stole the election. If you can make it to Washing D.C. on inauguration day by all means do so and join a protest there. Jam the streets, make lots of noise but please no violence. If possible make it impossible for Smirk to give a speech over your fog horns. If you have a flag fly it upside down in a universal symbol of distress. If you are unable to make it to D.C. join a protest locally there will be many. Boycott Florida and Florida products until they let the will of the people be heard. Write letters to your congressman and to the editors of the local media protesting the policies of little George II and don't forget to send copies to the editors of the local media. And if you join a protest against a large corporation don't forget to carry the protest to the very homes of the ecoterrorists that sit in three piece suits in the corporate board rooms. Take the protest to their doorsteps. In short make little Georgie's life as miserable as possible.