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Lets take an honest look at this past election. Yes the election was stolen from Gore. No one can deny the massive amount of voter fraud in Florida or the vote skimming operation done on the behalf of the Cocaine George. We're lead to believe by the talking fools of the media that this was a close election. Well it was in some regards like the 5 4 vote by the Supreme Court to appoint Cocaine George and in the bogus Electoral Vote total. By the popular vote it was not all that close Gore lead by over a half million votes.

The first to be blamed for Gore's defeat were the Greens and Nader. Yes they were a factor in this election. But they don't deserve the blame for the lost. Now the Democratic leadership Council wants to move the party further to the right blaming the lost on Gore being too liberal or too much of a populist. Now just a darn minute there, I didn't see any liberal running. I saw two moderate candidates fighting like junkyard dogs trying to claim the yellow strip down the middle of the road. Some have even tried blaming the lost on single issues in a couple of states. Claiming the swing voters in Tennessee and Arkansas based their vote on gun control or the tobacco issues. Balderdash elections are not won on single issues in a couple of states.

A fair analysis looks at all the factors not just a couple or a effort to purge the Democratic Party of Liberals by a sore loser. What were the factors behind the dimwit's ill-gotten victory? Unlike most analysis that has picked at the bones this writer views it as a victory for the stealth campaign of the religious REICH. Cocaine George won this election by carrying the states in which the Christian Coalition are the strongest. With the exceptions of Alaska, Arizona, New Hampshire and Nevada all of the states dimwit carried are part of the Bible Belt.

Some may argue that Montana and Wyoming are not part of the Bible Belt. This writer disagrees strongly on that. If anyone has had the opportunity to drive across those states in the last couple of years, he would know that most of the FM stations on the dial are part of the Christian Broadcasting Network. Others may also argue that both Idaho and Utah are not part of the traditional Bible Belt and they are correct but both states are over ran with Mormons. Others may still argue that Colorado is not part of the Bible Belt. Sorry since the 1980s Colorado has been taken over by religious wackos. The Promise Keepers call Denver home so does Pete Peters the Identity bigot in the pulpit otherwise known as a minister.

All of which can be seen clearly in the table below. The data is arranged in order of the Gore+Nader vote minus the Shurb vote as a proxy for liberalism vs conservatism.

State Gore Bush Nader Difference
Washington DC 86 9 5 -82
Rhode Island 61 32 6 -35
Massachusetts 60 33 6 -33
New York 60 33 4 -31
Hawaii 56 38 6 -24
Connecticut 56 39 4 -21
New Jersey 56 41 3 -18
Vermont 51 41 7 -17
Delware 55 42 3 -16
California 54 42 4 -16
Illinois 55 42 4 -14
Maine 49 44 6 -11
Maryland 57 40 3 -10
Washington 50 45 4 -9
Minnesota 48 46 5 -7
Michigan 51 47 2 -6
Pennsylvania 51 47 2 -6
Oregon 47 47 5 -5
New Mexico 48 48 4 -4
Wisconsin 48 48 4 -4
New Hampshire 47 48 4 -3
Iowa 49 48 2 -3
Florida 49 49 2 -2
Nevada 46 49 2 1
Ohio 46 50 3 1
Tennessee 48 51 1 2
Missouri 47 51 2 2
Arizona 45 51 2 3
Arkansas 45 51 3 4
West Virginia 46 52 2 4
Colorado 42 51 5 4
Virginia 45 52 2 5
Indiana 41 47 0 6
Louisana 45 53 1 7
Georgia 43 55 0 12
North Carolina 43 56 0 13
Alabama 42 57 1 14
Mississippi 42 57 1 14
Kentucky 41 57 2 14
South Carolina 41 57 2 14
Kansas 37 58 3 18
Montana 34 58 6 18
Texas 38 59 2 19
Alaska 28 59 10 21
Okahoma 38 60 0 22
South Dakota 38 60 0 22
North Dakota 33 61 3 25
Nebraska 33 63 3 27
Utah 26 67 5 36
Idaho 28 69 0 41
Wyoming 28 69 0 41

What's interesting in this table is how thin Cocaine George's strength is outside of the tradition Bible Belt. All of the states in which the dimwit leads by a double digit percentage with the exceptions already noted. Notice the states with hardly any margin, New Hampshire it is outside of the Bible Belt but without Nader in the race it would have fallen into the Gore column. Notice the other states with small margins Iowa, Florida Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas with the exception of Nevada all are

peripheral states around the Bible Belt. Finally note that all states in which dimwit has a double digit lead contain the southern states core to Nixon's southern strategy.

In order to reinforce this view that Dimwit's support is based on nothing more than the Religious REICH lets look at the election from another angle. We know from the voting that only 50% of the people voted. That means that both Gore and the Dimwit each received support from only 25% of the people. We also know from various polls that 20% of the people now consider themselves part of the religious REICH. We also know from what the leaders of these begotten people tell us that 80% of their members vote. That means 16% of the Dimwit's vote came from the religious REICH. That leaves only 9% of the people outside the religious REICH supporting Cocaine George. In other words Dimwit's support is so thin outside the religious RIECH that he is sliding bare ass down a razor blade.

What's more is there is a bountiful abundance of other evidence to support the theory that the power behind Dimwit's throne is the religious REICH. Going back to 1997 Pat Robertson let it slipped that he planned on controlling the nomination in 2000. Not only did Robertson start with a large contingence of foot soldiers using his Christian Coalition but the man also had a huge war chest after he sold off part of his media empire for over a billion dollars. What's more Robertson revealed his hand during the primaries in North Carolina with Dimwit trailing McCain Robertson put out the word through his Christian Coalition to vote for Dimwit. Besides the closing of polls in black precincts the Christian Coalition delivered Cocaine George a badly needed win in the North Carolina primary.

But there is even more evidence of Cocaine George being the religious REICH's stealth candidate. In 1999 Lil George was busy courting the support of every wacko religious organization around. The freedom Writer reports on three such meetings as follows. On March 1, 1999 the Nashville based Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission held a conclave in Austin Texas. The only reporter or media person in attendance was Mary O'Grady, a reporter and producer of Wings a women's program appearing on the public broadcast network. Cocaine George was scheduled to speak in the afternoon session following lunch. O'Grady was informed that she would not be allowed to attend the afternoon session as the Governor's speech was closed to the media. As she stated afterwards, who knows what he promised this group.

On September 24, 1999 Cocaine George met in Washington DC with a group from the Madison Project, another far right religious extremist group. Once again no record of the meeting or what was discussed was ever released to the public. And finally On October 9, 1999 Cocaine George spoke before the CNP. Again no record of this meeting was made public and Lil George refused to discuss what his speech before this group once this became an issue in the campaign. One thing can be deduced for sure, what ever it was lil George spoke about in front of the CNP would have cost him votes. If he had thought that it would have gained him votes he would have released the tape before it became a campaign issue.Anyone with a copy of this speech has a blueprint for Dimwit's agenda.

Finally there is another connection to the religious REICH, it's the connection between the Moonies and the Bush family. George the pappy first invited the rev Moon to be his guest at the inaugural ceremony back in 1980. Since that time and especially after he left office George the pappy has spoken in front of numerous front groups for the Moonies. Estimates of the fees that George the pappy has received for these speeches range from one million dollars to ten million. The only question left is how much money from foreign sources did the Moonies laundered and gave to Cocaine George in this election.

Now after one week in office we can add further evidence that Cocaine Georgie is the religious REICH's stealth candidate by looking at the pay off. First Lil George has by executive order canceled funding of any foreign group that provides abortion care or advice. He has appointed a far right religious wacko John Asscross to be Attorney General make that a mockery of justice. His education bill is a scam for vouchers. He had appointed Tommy Thompson a livid foe of abortion to a cabinet position in which he can do great damage to a women's right to an abortion. While its true Cocaine Georgie has appointed some pro choice cabinet members they are in slots that cannot influence legislation on abortion. An example being Colin Powell as Secretary of State who had no input in Lil Georgie's canceling the funding.

Yes folks we have witnessed a velvet coup. This election was not free, Cocaine George was not elected he was appointed by 5 corrupt political hacks pretending to be Justices. Be very afraid dear reader, very afraid for your right to free speech and religious freedom. The power behind Cocaine Georgie's throne is none other than the religious REICH.

Welcome to the American Inquisition dear reader the road ahead is going to get very bumpy to say the least. One final reminder dear reader, it is none other than Jerry Fawell that has possession of the blacklist files from the American Security Council. As I said be very afraid but remember outside of the religious REICH Cocaine Georgie has little or no support and you now know who the real enemy is.