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Liberal Media?

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The original intent of this page was to provide links pointing out the simple fact that the news media in the United States is very conservatively biased. The ideal example of that would be the election coverage of the past election. The media was quick to demonize any miscue from Gore but allowed the Dimwit from Texas a free ride.

However, as the popularity of the White Rose has increased, I have received several requests from columnists and journalists requesting a link be added to increase their exposure. I have always gladly provided such a service providing that I agree with their viewpoint and will continue to do so. The only requirement is to be an actively working columnist or journalist and that I agree with their point of view. It would be appreciated if they or their organization would provide a reciprocal link, but that is not mandatory. If in the future I receive enough such requests an additional page for those requests will be provided in this section.

So intermingled in the links below are several links to some really good journalists and columnists that express good ideas that are not necessarily related to the debate over the bias in the media.


Alternate Journalism
CIA & The Media
CNN's: Tailwind and Selective Media Retractions
The Conservative Biased Media
Conservative Ownership of the Media 

Corporate Sponsorship Equals Corporate Censorship
Dark Alliance & The Media Whitewash
FOX's Corporate Sensorship: We Payed $3 Billion for These Stations, We'll Decide What the News Is.
Global Media Giants: 9 Corporations Control What You Think

The GOP Bias in the Media
How the Media let the Bell Curve's Pseudo Science Define the Agenda on Race.
Index on Censorship
Journalists Are Actually More Conservative Than the General Public
Journalist as Corporate Shills

Liberal Slant
The Litcher Study
Mario Giardiello: A Journalist with a Social Conscience
Meet the Myth Makers
Media Censors CIA Ties with the Medellin Drug Cartel

Media Cover Up of Iran/Contra/COCAINE
Myth of Bias
Media Watch
Myth: The U.S. Has a Liberal Media
Political and Corporate Censorship

Project Censored Canada
Project Censored Stories the Media Ignored
Propaganda Analysis
RAIN's Real News
Right Wing Attacks Public Broadcasting

Snow Job: Newspapers Do Damage Control for the CIA
The Talking Heads are Conservatives
Unknown News