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Ozone depletion

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Canada Government
Ciesin's Biblography of Articles Appearing in the Scientific Literature
Environmental Protection Agency
An Excellent British Site

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program, a UK Site
Menzies Conference Papers
Ozone FAQ
The Ozone Hole

Union of Concerned Scientists

The Chenistry:

Changes In UV Radiation Reaching the Surface
Ciesin's Pages on the Chemistry of Ozone Depletion
Confirmation of CFCs Dominance in Ozone Depletion: no Natural Source of Fluorine
Download " The Chemistry of Strospheric Ozone"
Download " The Physics of Stratospheric Ozone and UV-B Radiation

Ozone & CFCs
The Science of Ozone Depletion: Updates
The Science of the Ozone Hole
Troposheric Photochemistry & UV Radiation Changes


1998 Assessment
Ciesin's Overview and History
Debunking the Myth that CFCs Can't Reach the Stratosphere Because They Are Heavier than Air
Faq for Ozone Depletion
Implementation Issues

In Focus Foreign Policy: Ozone Depletion & Global Warming
Myth: Debunked the Volcano Myth
Ozone Science
A Tutor on Ozone Depletion


Danger's Of UV-B Radiation
Effects on Aquatic Ecosystem
Effects on Terrestrial Plants
Health Effects
Implications for the Tropics

Increase Exposure to UV Radiation Suppresses the Immune System
Major Role of UV-B Radiation in Controlling Bacteriaplankton Growth
Morpholical Responses of Crop and Weed Species to UV-B Radiation
Solar UV Radiation Effects on Biological Systems
Ozone Depletion and Phytoplankton Biology

UNEP Risk Assessment Chapter 6 Effects on Air Quality
UNEP Risk Assessment Chapter 4 Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems
UNEP Risk Assessment Chapter 5 Effects on Biogechemical Cycles
UNEP Risk Assessment Chapter 7 Effects on Materials
UNEP Risk Assessment Chapter 2 Effects on Human health

UNEP Risk Assessment Chapter 3 Effects on Terrestrial Plants