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The Patriots

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The headlines jumped off the screen---"45 American Commandos Killed in Afghanistan." Well at least England still has a free press I thought to myself as I continued to read the article was from the Guardian. Other articles have appeared in the recent past in the Guardian as well reporting American losses such as helicopters or planes being downed. The Pentagon promptly denies the reports and the press oblivious to the truth gleefully airs denial as the gospel truth.

But something about the article kept nagging away at me. I just couldn't put my finger on what was amiss for a while. And then there it was. Yes it would be reasonable to suspect that with reports of some ground-based actions so far that a few combat causalities would be expected. But where were reports of such causalities in the American media? None have been announced by the Pentagon and as for the press doing any investigations lets just say they couldn't track a bear trapped in a phone booth. They are too busy acting as the propaganda arm for Smirk and company.

My next thoughts turned to the families of the American servicemen that may have been killed. Did they receive notice that their son or daughter had been killed? Did they receive the body? Or is Smirk and company putting the bodies into cold storage until he can mount a ground offensive? As cynical as that may sound I would not put that pass anyone in the regime. I would urge readers to keep a close eye on funerals in their home towns.

Who would know the difference? Certainly not the press they are to busy lapping up the latest official reports as the truth. What is unmistakable even for what passes as news about the war in this country; is its not going as well as planned. Also, unmistakable is this regime is ruling with dictator authority and to hell with liberty and freedom.

This war is unprecedented. First it's the first time ever in the history of the nation that all news of the war was blacked out. There are no reporters in Afghanistan, the only thing that passes for news are the official reports issued by the Pentagon. One day they issue a report denying they targeted the Red Cross the next day they issue a report claiming that the Red Cross was targeted because the Taliban was looting the warehouse. Neither the less the Red Cross has been bombed twice. Denials fly every which way that civilian areas were not targeted, yet each day more and more civilians find themselves victims of American bombs. As Americans we have the right to know if our army is targeting civilians, we have the right to view it in all its bloody glory. And if such views of wholesale murder and mayhem disturb a great many Americans then so be it.

Ok, I'm not exactly one of these flag waving patriots that think because they have the biggest flag on their car or on their block that they are a patriot. Frankly at this time I don't find one damn thing to be patriotic about. We have an imposter in the Oval office that stole the election and was appointed by 5 corrupt political hacks. We're being led into an unwinnable war by a gutless wonder that ran off and hid under Nebraska cornfield on September the 11th. We are waging war on the innocent people of an impoverished nation and killing civilians with abandon. And the present illegitimate regime gave billions to impoverish corporations of the S&P500 but could not fine a single red cent to give to the families of the victims of 9/11. That's the same administration that received Cipro on 9/11 but the same administration that deny dispense Cipro to postal employees until after two members of their ranks dies of anthrax. No just how did this administration know about anthrax in advance of any anthrax attacks? The press is stupefied in their silence. On the evening of 9/11 I went to bed with an eerie feeling. For the first time I could understand what it must have been like in Nazi Germany. The media was babbling on all day about Attack on America. One could sense the flag waving by false patriots coming in the days ahead. Everything that has since transpired has only reinforced that view: the news blackout, the so-called Patriotic Act that strips away our constitutional privileges. The case of a young girl from Virginia expelled from school for wearing a T-shirt opposing the war. The case of a Green activist from Maine denied to board her flight to Chicago. And the cases of over one thousand individuals detained by the government and held without the benefit of their lawyers. The idle chit-chat of torture being proposed as a means of obtaining evidence.

But the real clincher is the crowds of flag waving patriots. Just like lemmings rushing to the sea these false patriots proudly wave their flag never flinching at loudly proclaiming this is war. They'll blindly follow Smirk and company into a never ending war. Substitute the Nazi flag and one could not tell the difference between these patriots and the crowds that greeted Hitler.

No one in America will ever have to ask how 6 million could perish in the ovens with out the people knowing. The answer to that question is to simply look at America today and the crowds of flag waving patriots.