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"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich." John F. Kennedy

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ActionOrg: Ending Hunger & Poverty
Center for Law and Social Policy
Children Defense Fund
Department of Health & Human Services: Homelessness
Economic Policy Institute

Focus on Economic Justice
Food Stamp Program
Homeless Resources
Housing, Health and Poverty
Hud's Homeless Page

Hunger Web
Institute for Race and Poverty
Institute for Research on Poverty


A Better Way to Raise the Minimum Wage
Boston's Living Wage Law: Fights Poverty
Broken Faith: Why We Need to Renew the Social Compact
Budget Surplus Can Be Used to Help the Lower Income Americans
The Dying American Dream

Economic Myths
European Social Welfare and US Welfare Program a Poor Comparison
Falling Flat: the Flat tax
Feudalism: AKA American Capitalism
Foundations in Nootie's Era

The Globalization of Poverty
GOP Attacks on Progressive Taxation
Holes in the Social Safety Net
How the Pie is Sliced: America's Growing Concentration of Wealth
Income Statistics

The Inequality Express
Minimum Wage Hikes Increases Work: New Findings From Oregon
Poverty, Definition, Thresholds & Guidlines
Poverty Guidelines: Research & Measurement
Poverty Statistics

Pyramidal Economics
The Rich, The Right & The Facts: The income gains of the 1980s did go overwhelmingly to the rich.
Second Harvest
Social Security Scare Tactics
Society's Problems: Ignorance, Apathy, and Greed

Strategic Philanthropy of Conservative Foundations
Strengths of the Safety Net
Tax Policy has Shifted the Burden from the Wealthy to the Middle Class
Wage and Compensation Trends
Welfare Reform an Analysis of the Issues

200 Years from Povery to Decency: A Review of Social Conditions from Laissez-Faire to Fabian Socialism & Back