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A Rave Review

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I crowed with delight when I returned to your first chapter to find more chapters had been written and the rest of your website was accessible. I have wondered about you for months, who you were and how is it that you had such great insight into the origins of right wing fascism and its rise globally via the American PACs and often quote your various arguments establishing the links to "estato corporatista" to Nazi fascism, along with Sasuly, Higham, DuBois

Your references are original and very very comprehensive. It is so enjoyable to reprint such things as Mussolini and Hitler's privatisation agendas and tax cuts plus all your various refs to their corporate sponsors, to those r-w no nothings who claim H & M were "socialists". You have no idea how often I have referred to and posted from Ch.1 in the past months. It was like finding mana from heaven. It has been posted and quoted all over the world via the original international Mai-Not list and has helped fill in histories for many who had reached a plateau in the jigsaw puzzle story of the right wing movement . Locating the origins of corporate libertarianism in fascism is so logical but so difficult - due to 'tarnung' and revisionist whitewash. Thank you so much for the enormous effort you have made Glen. It is a brillant work and is having an enormous influence on political movements globally. I have received thanks for 'scholarship' just for finding your work ;-)

I was even more pleased to find your page on Steve Kangas. Eight days before he died, I posted his article on the Timeline of the CIA to nz.politics. As usual I was in the process of being gored by the right, when he popped in and tore my attackers to bits. Because I had repeatedly attacked Richard Mellon Scaife on the same group over the previous months, I felt terribly guilty when he was murdered a week later! I felt that Scaife's dogs may have been among the detractors. I had had an argument across a number of international political forums about The Heritage Foundation and had reprinted all & anything I could find about Scaife and thought I had drawn unnecessary attention to Steve Kangas by reprinting his stuff at the wrong time.

He was such a lucid writer, such a very very good writer. I see you are similar. I just wish that each of your chapters was a complete entity and that you cannot be linked to them. I liked the fact that you could not be traced from your first chapter. The right are so dangerous.

Thanks again for your great contribution to new knowledge of our history and for helping convince a great many about the evils we are facing. I hope life brings you all the rewards you deserve.