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"Of course, there were always a few insiders who knew the dirty little Nazi secret. During the subsequent Nixon adminstration,the US State Dept secretly informed the Australian government that they were ignoring Ustashi fugitives in America because they were useful in turning out the ethnic vote 'in several federal, state and municipal elections.'

The only thing Nixon's State Dept. did about the Nazis was to quietly warn a few American politicians not to attend any Croatian functions on 10 April, as that is the occasion when the Ustashi celebrate the day Hitler set up Pavelic's puppet government. Apparently the warning did not reach Gov. Ronald Reagan. He proclaimeed 10 April as 'Croatian Independence Day' in Califorina and later, as President had his picture taken in the Whitehouse with prominent ex-Fascists and war criminals of the ABN, Despite previous condemnation by the State Dept. and CIA, Jaroslav Stetsko was treated as an honoured guest by Reagan.

It is difficult to believe that George Bush knows absolutely nothing about the Croatian terrorists, since they hijacked an American airliner while he was head of the CIA. Yet President Bush made the same mistakes as Reagan: his campaign staff published a calendar celebrating 10 April as Croatian Independence Day and permitted known Fascists to work on his ethnic outreach programme during the 1988 election campaign. Perhaps Bush heeded the cynical advice of the Nixon adminstration that the Eastern European Nazis can deliver the ethnic vote.

Many politicians, including Reagan, have embarrassing ties to the Ratlines. In the US Archives is a newsreel of Reagan in 1950, raising money for one of the Dulle's front groups that laundered money to Fascist 'freedom fighters'. Reagans's intelligence chief, William Casey, headed another front group, the International Rescue Committee, that helped the fugitives with their immigration problems. Perhaps Oliver North did not invent the money laundering system for Contragate; he may have simply copied the one that Casey and Reagan had previously worked on." Quote taken from Unholy Trinity, Mark Arrons, John Loftus ISBN 0-312-18199-x,1998.

The right wingers were never ashamed of their Fascists roots. Now I wonder what Reagan was doing honoring those buried in a SS cemetery? Paying homage, perhaps.


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