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General Sources and Directories

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Gocernment Directories:

Directory of Federal Departments, Agencies & Bureaus
Directory of State Governments and US Territories
Directory of State Governments and US Territories
Directory of Federal Research Labs
FedStats Statistics for Over 70 Agencies
FedWorld Search for Business and Government Information

Government Information Locator
Use the Library at NIH Includes a Source for Journals Available Online
Ferret for Extracting Information from the Census
Federal Web Locator

Other Directories:

All in One Search Engine
Books On Line
A Chemisrty Directory
Cornell's Historically Important Supreme Court Rulings
A Directory of Directories for Historical Resources

International Institute of Social History
Iowa's Directory for Historical Resources. A Good Starting Place for Black History.
Occupational & Envirnomental Health
Political Index: Another Directory

Government Sources:

Bureau of Economic Analysis
Business and Economic Data
Census Bureau
Center for Disease Control
Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce
Department of Education
Department of Energy
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Housing and Urban Development; HUD

Department of the Interior
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Department of State
Department of Transportation

Department of the Treasury
Department of Veteran's Affairs
FEC Election Disclosure Reports
Federal Court Locator

Federal Drug Administration
Library of Congress
National Archives and Records Administration
National Safety Council
National Science Foundation

Office of Science and Technology Information
United States Geological Survey

Guides & Watches:

A Citizen's Guide to Congress
Congress Watch
The History Net
On Line Files for The Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm, Sweden

Magazines & Journals:

The American Prospect
Crossroads Magazine
Dollars an Progressive Economic Magazine
The Free Heretic

Mother Jones
The Nation
On Line Journal
Political Science Quarterly

Progressive Review
Tom Paine
Utne Reader


American Geological Institute
Common Dreams
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Essential Organization

Electronic Policy Network
First Amendment Cyber Tribune
Human Rights
The Idealist
Institute for Social Research

Justice Net
Macrocosm USA
Monitor a Source for Corporate Welfare and Misdeeds
The National Academy of Science
One World Organization

Open Secrets
The Progressive Populist
Progress Organization
Social Justice
Spectacle Organization Working for Ethical Politics and Law

We The People: Dedicated to Political Reform and Social Justice
Australian, British and American Politics
Noteworthy Non Profits

Sources Of Information on the Intelligence Community:

Covert War Against Native Americans
Domestic Political Repression
Domestic Spying and Government Sponsored Terrorism
Echelon Watch
Federation of American Scientists: The Best Site on the Web Covering the Intelligence Community

Freedom of Information Sites
Forty-Five Years of CIA Drug Trafficking
The Secret Team: The CIA & Its Allies
A Source of Declassified Documents
The Taking of America, 1-2-3

Progressive Political Parties:

Democratic Socialists
Green Party
The Green Parties
Labor Party

Socialist Party


All Things from the 50s: Many Good Political Links on McCarthyism, etc.
Neravt Com