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Storm Clouds

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This election is no longer about just Al Gore and George Bush. Just as the first fluffy white cloud in an otherwise beautiful hot summer day in the Midwest can foretell of a welcomed summer shower or of other things to come. The reports on election night signaled something was amiss in Florida. But any Midwestern that works out of doors knows to cast a wary eye towards the horizon after an hour seeing the first cloud. Perhaps there is a gathering gray cloudbank looming there foretelling of a possible storm. And just as a gathering storm on the horizon the days after the election brought more and more disturbing news of irregularities in Florida.

That Midwestern knows to keep is eye on the horizon after spotting the first cloudbank. Perhaps a later glance at the horizon reveals an ominous formation of giant thunderheads with huge black column clouds stretching miles into the sky in a spellbinding panorama. Anyone that has ever witnessed such a formation truly knows that it truly is awe-inspiring and the danger held within those column clouds. The Midwestern knows that they can unleash all of hell's fury at any moment. They can spawn straight-line winds rivaling tropic storms, hail that can strip trees of their summer foliage and pound crops into fodder, and tornadoes that can level anything in its path.

Such is the current state of the nation as this election has evolved into far more than whether Al Gore or George Bush will be declared the president. In my lifetime on this rock I can think of but a single event that can rival the peril this nation now faces, the Cuban Missile Crisis. This election has evolved into a classical struggle between right wing tyranny and freedom.

As a nation we are facing a crisis, a crisis not unlike the crisis Germany faced in the 1930-1932 period that led to the ascension of Hitler to power. The parallels are as striking as they are disturbing. And like those thunderheads unless we take action now we could face the same fate as Germany.

This is not just rabble-rousing hyperbole. What we now have in Florida is the Republican Party openly and viciously attacking both the judicial system and the electoral process in this country. In all likelihood, next week the Florida legislator will convene a special session and appoint Florida's electoral votes by fiat and to hell with the election.

The news reports have abounded with reports of Republican front men denouncing the courts in Florida whenever they ruled against them. In fact the lead attorney for little Georgie was humiliated by Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Gingsberg in such an attack as he argued before the court.

Anyone watching the news has seen film clips of the rioters in Miami shutting down the recounting of ballots with the police standing idly. There is no question in my mind or the mind of many others that if these rioters had been for Al Gore that the police would have used unmitigated force, gassing, beating and arresting them in an all out attempt to crush them. If anyone has any doubts of that perhaps they should look at the fate of the protestors in Philly during the Republican convention this year. In which exactly that happened. Or perhaps that need to answer the question as to how high the death count would be if the protestors were outside little Georgie's ranch instead of Joe Liberman's house.

Throughout the entire 2000 campaign starting with the first primaries in February the media has been compliance and obvious to the unsuitability of little Georgie. They attacked Gore unmercifully in miscues twisting his statements into virtual lies. But not once did they ever question blunders by little Georgie. Even now there are reports from east coast editors refusing to print articles of the sexual relationship between the wicked witch of the south, Kathleen Harris and Jeb Bush.

What many people do not know as of yet was this riotous mob was controlled by top Republican operatives. Due to the diligence of a few honest reporters, it is now known that not only was this mob controlled by Republican operatives but also they fully supported it. This is a story that the media seeks to kill by neglect. The Republican Party bussed those supporters in from out of state, paid for their lodging, supplied a Thanksgiving dinner for them and supplied them with the signs and box lunches. Even more damning is the identity of some of those Nazified thugs. Some of which have been identified as top aides to Republican Senators and House members. Does anyone other than a few others and myself see the parallel between the behavior of the Nazi Party in Germany in subverting free elections?

But the story of these rioting thugs doesn't end just yet. AWOL Georgie even called them and thank them for a job well done in shutting down an honest count of the ballots in Dade County. That's right, here we have the presidential candidate condoning violence to prevent an honest ballot count.

But just as I bemoaned in an earlier article I wrote following the Republican convention the media has played a role in killing the full story through neglect. Instead the biased right wing media has focused on portraying poor little Georgie as being presidential. Propaganda reports abound in the broadcast media of little Georgie selecting his cabinet members but no broadcast reports of his involvement with this mob of thugs.

The corporate whores that bought this election must maintain the illusion of little Georgie as presidential material. But cracks in this false façade are already appearing. In the more recent photo ops of the poor boy, little Georgie appears to be more like a frighten cornered mouse with whiskers twitching out of fear. But even more troublesome was little Georgie telling the world that Dick Cheney was ok and that he did not have a heart attack just an hour and a half before he was scheduled for surgery.

For Christ sakes his own handlers don't even tell or trust the poor boy with the severity of his running mate's condition. Which brings us to an even more ominous dilemma. Who did we elect if little Georgie is appointed to the Oval Office? It now looks like little Georgie is nothing more than a dizzy head blonde spoke person without a brain in her head. Confirming such a conclusion is the recent media blitz by Cheney in a mad dog attack on Gore and his work as head of the transition team. Mind you this is a man that just had a heart attack and he is now playing the leading role of the Bush camp while little Georgie has been hustle off to his ranch for some rest and seclusion.

But we already have a preview of who and what little Georgie's administration would be like, pick any third world banana republic. Yes even those complete with death squads. For those that surround little Georgie are the same players from pappy Bush's administration. An administration with an agenda, that was already rejected by the voters in 1992. An administration that issued pardons like candy on Christmas eve in hopes no one would notice. An administration that granted waivers of conflict of interest to both Jim Baker and Dick Cheney six days after Iraq invaded Kuwait, the very two mad attack dogs of little Georgie. The very same administration that has been linked to the death squads in Central America and the October surprise in 1980.

What has clearly emerged is that the power behind little Georgie will go to any links to achieve power. The Republican leadership of both the House and Senate are now on record that they would question the electoral if Al Gore should somehow win. With their current slim majority in both houses they could very well anoint little Georgie as president. There can not be a legitimate president until either there is a full and honest recounting of all legitimate ballots in Florida and the discarding of the manufactured absentee ballots in Seminole and Martin counties or the Florida electoral votes thrown out.

If that fails to come to pass then we all have borne witness to a velvet coup. The same coup attempt that hounded Clinton for eight long years climaxing in the ill fated impeachment attempt on bogus charges. In the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Lets hope it's the blood of tyrants that flows.