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War President---MY ASS!!!

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From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

George W. Bush likes to call himself the "WAR" President. War President---MY ASS!!!---WAR MONGERING MORON---IS MORE LIKE IT!!! America has not been attacked by any foreign power. America is not at war.

This chickenhawk moron dodged the draft during the Vietnam War. His rich daddy bought him a position in the Texas Air National Guards. This was even more than the privileged boy could handled so he went AWOL for over six months.

In the last two weeks, with the election campaign heating up two prominent Republicans have came out with ludicrous remarks that it would be akin to treason to vote against Bush. The first, was Republican National Chairman, Racicot. Racicot was quoted as " Senator Kerry crossed a grave line when he dared to suggest the replacement of America 's commander-in- chief at a time when America is at war," while implying that Kerry was a traitorous renegade. Just to remind the snide Racicot, Kerry happens to be a war hero. He has the medals to prove it. The Army doesn't award Purple Hearts, for catching syphilis in some Mexican whorehouse, while guarding the skies of Texas from VC infiltrators.

The second, Republican to make such charges was Oklahoma's Representative Tom Cole. Cole stated a vote against Bush was like voting for Hitler. Cole then added: " If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election." It appears according to the logic of Congressman Cole that Osama bin Laden has already won the election since Mr. Cole apparently doesn't believe in free elections.

Such, ignominious charges leave the Republican Party speaking out of both sides of it mouth. Does anyone remember the vicious campaign of Tricky Dick and his "Secret Plan" to end the war in Vietnam? Tricky Dick had no plan to end the war but he did have a plan to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks of LBJ. Nixon used the wife of General Chennault as an intermediary with the South Vietnam Premier. By promising the Premier, he would get a better deal with Nixon; the Premier stalled the Paris talks. Once it was clear that Nixon's re-election depended upon ending the war Nixon signed the same peace treaty that was available in 1968 after a few cosmetic changes. Half the names on the Wall died needlessly and in vain.

Maybe Racicot and a few more of these Republican authoritarians need to be reminded of the Republican campaigns in 1944. While the Battle of the Bulge was raging in Europe, Republican candidate Dewey was making ignoble charges against Roosevelt delaying the end of the war by insisting on an unconditional surrender. Several people with ties to the Republican Party had conducted secret and unauthorized talks with the Nazis and were willing to accept a peace treaty that removed Hitler but left the Nazis in power usually with either Himmler or Goering as Chancellor.

In the previous 1940 election, former President Herbert Hoover worked closely with officials in Berlin to bring about the defeat of FDR. In fact, the Republican Party accepted funds from Berlin for the 1940 elections. While the total amount of Nazi funds the Republican Party spent during the 1940 election cannot be determined precisely, it was not less than one third of the total amount spent.

Incidentally, the moron's grandfather, Prescott Bush had a total of twenty-three firms seized from for trading with the Nazis. The New York papers referred to Prescott as Hitler's Angel. He was Hitler's American banker.

George w. Bush has waged war against the people of Afghanistan, and Iraq for oil. He has kidnapped the President of Haiti. He has supported rebels, trained in Florida to overthrow the peaceful government of Venezuela. Further, its clear the White House ordered the air force to stand-down on 9-11 and allow the highjackers to achieve their destruction.

It is time for regime change in Washington. Furthermore, if as a country we are not willing to charge and punish our war criminals then its time for the Hague to issue the wanted posters.


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