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The War Years:

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8. The reader should be aware that the Reader’s Digest is still a hotbed of reactionary right wingers. The present editor Eugene Lyons has been and officer of both right wing extremist groups the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, American Enterprise Institute and Accuracy in the Media. In addition the Wallace foundation has made numerous grants to the American Enterprise Institute. The point for the reader here is to show how the pro-fascist of the 1930s are still exerting an influence today.
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45. Another association and seemingly innocence between fascist and Reagan was his refusal to grant a extradition request from Jim Garrison for Edgar Eugene Bradley, a right wing preacher from North Hollywood, California and part-time assistant to Carl McIntire, the fundamentalist minister who had founded the American Counsel of Christian Churches. This is the only time in the history of California that a governor refused an extradition request. In one theory of the assassination of JFK McIntire’s group played a pivotal role. What is known was Bradley identified himself as a Secret Service agent to Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig in Dallas the day of the assassination shortly after the fatal bullets had been fired. Likewise it should be noted that Bradley filed and won a libel suit over this incident.
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