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The Photos below illustrate the wide differences in various types of wetlands. One is considered a marsh and is unforested the other is classified as a swamp.

fresh water marshhardwood swamp


The Aquatic Ecology Page: A Good Collection of Links
America Rivers
Bergen Organization
Environmental Protection Agency

whooping cranesFact Sheets on Wetlands from the GSA
Hydrology Journals
Information on Wetlands
Society of Wetland Scientists
USs Corps Of Engineers

Wetlands & Clean Water
Wetlands International
Wetland Links

Wetlands: The Journal Of The Society of Wetland Scientists
Wetland Science Institute
Wetlands for Wildlife


The Aquatic Ecology Page
Center for Aquatic Plants
Facts on Bogs
Field Indicators of Hydric Soils
Great Lakes Wetlands

Kansas Wooded Riverine Wetlands
Midwestern Wetland Flora Guide(guide contains photos of species for easy identification)
Online Journal: Science of Soils
On Site Identification
Organic Soil Flats

Playa Lakes
Pocosin--Kuchler Type Description
Texas' Wetland Education
Types of Wetlands and Their Roles in the Watershed
Virginia's Pocosins

Western Wetland Flora Guide(guide contains photos of species for easy identification)
Wetlands: Characteristics and Boundaries

cord grass
Photo of cord grass in a saltwater marsh, one of the most productive ecosystems in the world.


Decline of Freshwater Ecosystems
Endangered Aquatic Habitats
Forested Wetlands & Streamside Forest Management
Function of Wetlands: Hydrologic Flux & Storage, Biochemical Cycling & Storage,Productivity, Decomposition , Community Structure

A Land Owner's Guide: At Home with Wetlands
Potholes and Vernal Pools as Potential Global Warming Indicator
Threats to Wetlands
Value of Iowa's Wetlands

Value of Wetlands
Wetland Loss and Degradation

Wetlands Law:

Capitol Reports: For the Latest Envirnomental news concerning legisaltion and court cases.
Corporations and Wetlands
Debunking the "Takings" Myths
EPA's Wetland Law Pages
Wetland Protection

Wetlands Regulation Center