Israel, Palestine, the 9/11 Attacks, "Terrorism"

From: Mark S Bilk
To: ...
Subject: Israel, Palestine, the 9/11 Attacks, "Terrorism", etc

Since Israel, Palestine, and government snooping on Skype calls
are all being discussed at the same time here, I am morally
obligated to present information about what's really going on.

The 9/11/2001 attacks were carried out by elements of the U.S.
and Israeli governments, not by "Al-Qaeda". Those attacks
were then used as the false pretext for the U.S. invasions
of Afghanistan and Iraq (which had been planned before 9/11)
and the murder of more than 2,000,000 people in those nations.
Also the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian refugee town of
Jenin in 2002, in which the Israelis murdered 800 people,
many by herding them into concrete apartment buildings and
then pushing the buildings down with tanks and running tanks
over the rubble. The streets ran with blood, and the Israelis
did not permit any investigating teams in to examine the
remains. The Israeli commander remarked that he had used
the same tactics that the Nazis had used against the Warsaw
Ghetto in WWII.

In January 2009, Israel bombarded the Palestinian Gaza Strip
refugee area, using horrible weapons such as white phosphorus,
murdering 1500 people there, half of them children.

Summary and links to the scientific proof that the World Trade
Center towers were destroyed by previously implanted explosives
and thermite, not by the airliner collisions and fires:

U.S. and Israeli motives for the 9/11 attacks:

Israeli Mossad agents in the 9/11 attacks:

Israel and 9/11 index of articles:

Israeli agents caught with explosives, trying to blow up
the Mexican Congress building one month after 9/11:

The 9/11 attacks were also used as the pretext for the "PATRIOT
Act" (which had already been written beforehand), the "Homeland
Security Act", the "Military Commissions Act", and many other
laws and executive orders that have turned the U.S. into an
oncoming police state.

All of the major "terrorism" attacks have been instigated, or
actually carried out, by the U.S., Israeli, and/or British
governments, but blamed on Moslems. This is called "false-flag"
terrorism. The fear of this bogus "terrorism" has been used
to dominate and subvert all of human society for the benefit
of the 6,000 or so ultra-wealthy people who control the
international banking, weapons, and pharmaceutical industries,
and the major governments and intelligence (spy and
assassination) agencies. The false-flag "terror" has been
used to, in effect, hijack the entire Third Millennium A.D.,
converting it from a new opportunity for human social and
technological evolution to a locked-down global prison system,
in which all human freedoms are being eroded.

For example, Microsoft, the UN, and various governments are
pushing for total government control of the Internet:

Getting back to Israel, Zionists had planned as far back as the
1890s to expel or exterminate all of the Palestinians. There
was no moral justification for establishing a Zionist state in
Palestine, which was already fully inhabited by Palestinians,
and had been for over 1,000 years. By 1948, the Jews of Europe
were no longer in danger from the Nazis.

[I neglected to include in the e-mail that, in fact, Jews never
had any moral right whatsoever to any of Palestine,
because they had originally invaded it by force in biblical time,
murdering many of the inhabitants (Canaanites):

"The Canaanites ... are said to have been one of seven regional
ethnic divisions or "nations" driven out before the Israelites
following the Exodus. Specifically, the other nations include
the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Perizzites,
the Hivites, and the Jebusites (Deuteronomy 7:1).
One of the 613 mitzvot [Jewish sacred duties -- msb] (precisely
n. 596) prescribes that no inhabitants of the cities of six
Canaanite nations, the same as mentioned in 7:1, minus the
Girgashites, were to be left alive."]

Israel was created by means of a bloody invasion, in which many
thousands of Palestinians were murdered, and about 750,000 fled
for their lives. In the subsequent years, more and more of
Palestine was seized by the Zionists who included many "settlers"
(invaders) from the U.S.:

The Hidden History of Zionism

Palestine Remembered -- al-Nakba (The Catastrophe) 1948

But it wasn't only Palestinians who suffered at the hands of
the Zionist Israeli government. They (European Ashkenazi Jews)
also did horrible things to Sephardic (Middle-Eastern) Jews,
whom they regarded as second-class citizens:

The Ringworm Children: How the Israeli Government Irradiated
100,000 Israeli Kids

Currently, the Israeli government is urging the U.S. government
(over which it exerts a great deal of control via AIPAC and
other means) to attack Iran, supposedly to prevent Iran from
developing an atomic bomb. Israel has about 400 atomic and
hydrogen bombs, and has threatened to use them on the major
cities of Europe if Israel ever suffers a serious attack
(this is called the Samson Option):

An attack on Iran is one of the ways that a nuclear world
war could start that would kill billions of people:

Finally, it should be noted that the U.S. was the center of world
fascism (domination and murder by ultra-wealthy businessmen)
throughout the 20th century:

Wealthy American Businessmen Financed Hitler:

The American Holocaust -- Throughout the 20th century,
U.S. businessmen used the U.S. military to murder
tens of millions of people in order
to enslave dozens of Third World nations for profit:

I sent this e-mail to a Linux list -- --
run by Rick Moen, on Oct. 11, 2010, after a Zionist list member
had posted several messages about his intention to move his
family to Israel, specifically to an area now "occupied"
(as he put it) by Palestinians whom he said were murderously
hostile toward Jews.

Moen kicked me off the list, calling me a "psychoceramic nutcase".
Emulating the Ministry of Truth in Nineteen Eighty-Four,
Moen then removed my message from the list archive, while
retaining those from the Zionist. When another list member
wrote in thanking me for posting the information, Moen threatened
to throw her off the list too.