Codex Alimentarius, Vitamin C, and Viral Pandemics

Codex Alimentarius is a set of regulations dictated by the pharmaceutical
industry to the World Trade Organization, and recently enacted into U.S.
law as part of CAFTA. Codex criminalizes the sale of all nutrients in
useful quantities, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and all herbal
remedies. For example, are you using Coenzyme-Q10 to prevent congestive
heart failure or cancer recurrence? If so, Codex will result in your death.
Do you take "megadoses" (i.e., the amounts produced naturally by animals)
of Vitamin C for colds and flu? Codex Alimentarius makes it impossible to
obtain Vitamin C in useful amounts, leaving you only with the symptomatic
relief drugs sold by the pharmaceutical companies, which have no effect on
the viruses at all. Your body will be damaged, and the drug companies will
make additional tens of billions of dollars in profits.

The legislators you elected voted for CAFTA (which, like NAFTA, will enable
American companies to send many more American jobs to Third World countries
where the people will be paid 50 cents/hour). This will enable the ultra-wealthy
people who own those companies to make even higher profits.

The legislators you elected voted for Codex Alimentarius, which will prevent
you from buying the nutrients you need for health and protection from disease.
If the bird flu mutates into a form easily caught and transmitted by people,
or if the 1918 flu, recently dug up and resurrected by U.S. government
scientists, mysteriously manages to get loose, like the anthrax from the U.S.
government labs a few years ago, and you get infected by it, you may very
well die for lack of large amounts of Vitamin C, if Codex is implemented.

Do the legislators you voted for act for your interests, or those of the ultra-wealthy
elite who control the economy, the media, and the government?

Did you know how they would act? No, because the media, owned and controlled
by the ultra-wealthy, didn't tell you. Did you select who would run in the elections?
No, because only people favored by the ultra-wealthy were given enough money
to broadcast advertisements on TV and radio.

How can you find out what the U.S. government is actually doing? Some websites
and mailing lists on the Internet will tell you. Is the government protecting
freedom of speech on the Internet? Two bills have been introduced --
CBDTPA: Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act, by Senator
Fritz Hollings, and INDUCE: Inducement Devolves into Unlawful Child Exploitation,
by Senator Orrin Hatch. Both laws are supposedly for the purpose of preventing
people from copying songs and movies via the Internet. But what they would each
actually do is impose total government censorship on your computer. Before you
could access any website, or receive any piece of e-mail, your computer would
ask permission from a government "Digital Rights Management" server. If that
server (a remote government-operated computer) wasn't programmed to give you
permission for that particular website, or for e-mail from that particular person or
list, your computer would refuse to do it, and there would be no way around it.
Do you think the government would give you permission to read this website?
CBDTPA is backed by Senator Dianne Feinstein, and INDUCE is backed by Senator
Barbara Boxer, of California, both supposedly "liberal" Democrats. Are they
protecting your freedom of speech, and your right to hear others speak?

Do we have democracy in the United States?

Answer that question yourself.

Codex Alimentarius will result in an enormous increase in disease and
death, and, by criminalizing Vitamin C, will leave the population defenseless
against the new pandemic flu viruses now being developed in government labs
(supposedly for test purposes). Listen to the six-part series of Taking Aim
radio programs on this subject -- 050315, 050322, 050329, 050405, 050419,
and 050426 -- in the Taking Aim audio archive.

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