HIV Is Real, And It Does Cause AIDS

HIV deniers Peter Duesberg, Cary Mullis, and Christine Maggiore are wrong.

That is, Christine Maggiore was wrong [archived Wikipedia article]. After testing HIV-positive but refusing antiretroviral treatment (and recommending to her hundreds or thousands of followers to do the same), she died of AIDS in 2008. But before she died she murdered her little daughter Eliza Jane by refusing to take the standard precautions to avoid transmitting HIV to her at birth, and by refusing to allow her antiretroviral treatment when she showed symptoms of AIDS. Eliza Jane died of pneumocystis pneumonia due to AIDS when she was three years old.

AIDS is a transmissible disease. There are many people -- Americans in good health, not malnourished Africans -- who acquired AIDS even though they had never had any other AIDS risk factor than sharing blood or sexual fluids with someone who had AIDS at the time or who later came down with it. This includes babies, thousands of hemophiliacs, transfusion recipients, medical workers, and ordinary heterosexual people having sex.

These people did not indulge in any of the practices that Duesberg (the originator of HIV denial) claims are the cause of AIDS. They were not drug users, nor gay or anal sex practitioners. They did not use "poppers" -- nitrite inhalants. Neither were they Haitians, nor members of any other AIDS risk group. The only way they could have contracted the disease was by HIV infection, for which they tested positive.

Also, these people had not been previously diagnosed as HIV positive and thus had not been treated with toxic antiviral drugs which then destroyed their immune system (another claim of the HIV deniers). On the contrary, their first sign that anything was wrong was the appearance of one of the opportunistic infections -- Pneumocystis Carinii pneumonia [PCP], Kaposi's Sarcoma [KS] (caused by a virus), rampant herpes, etc. -- that typically results from the dysfunction of cellular immunity caused by HIV. These many non-gay-male AIDS cases totally disprove the claims of Duesberg and the other HIV deniers.

AIDS was not known to exist prior to (approximately) 1980. Although various people had suppressed immune systems, generally from known causes (e.g., cancer chemotherapy), these cases were isolated, and their condition was not transferable to other people. Their sex partners didn't get it, nor did their children. There were no epidemiological clusters of such cases.

Transmissible, infectious immune suppression first appeared around 1980, in some gay male communities. Before that it had never been seen in all of human history. Whereas the conditions that Duesberg blames for AIDS -- anal sex, use of nitrite inhalants and other "recreational" drugs, large numbers of sex partners, intestinal parasites, etc., had all been present for many decades without the slightest appearance of major immune suppression and consequent PCP, KS, etc.

There can be no doubt that AIDS is transmitted by an infectious agent. HIV can be isolated from every person who has AIDS. No other virus or bacterium has been found in every case of AIDS. HIV has been shown to cause AIDS in apes.

Furthermore, HIV fulfills Koch's Postulates for an infectious pathogen: It can be found in all AIDS patients. It can be isolated and grown in cell cultures. It has been injected into apes and caused AIDS. And it has been isolated from those apes. Also, it has been accidently injected -- by blood transfusions, medical accidents of blood specimen splashing or needle sticks, etc. -- into humans who were not in any of the AIDS risk groups, but who then subsequently developed AIDS from that injection. The HIV was then isolated from some of those patients and typed and found to be the same variety they had been injected or splashed with.

Not only does HIV exist, it has been isolated and photographed with electron microscopes. The pictures -- actual electron micrographs, not diagrams -- are shown on the websites linked below. You may want to download some of the pictures and view them with a display program that permits you to magnify them and increase the gamma (brighten the dark areas), which will make the cores of the viruses more visible, or just increase the gamma on your screen generally (e.g., with the KDE Control Center in Linux). If you can't change the gamma just increase the brightness and turn down the contrast on your monitor.

The size and structure of many of the viruses shown are remarkably consistent, refuting the claim of the HIV deniers that they are merely some kind of "cellular debris".

HIV pictures and diagrams - U of Utah
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Gelderblom, H. R (1997) Fine structure of HIV and SIV -- PDF File

As Duesberg points out, HIV doesn't behave like other viruses, but the reason is simple: it slowly attacks the immune system! Here are some excellent texts, arranged from short to long, that explain how HIV causes AIDS, how it's diagnosed accurately, how it can be treated (by conventional medicine), etc. They are very worthwhile reading. Some alternative therapies, such as Low-Dose Naltrexone, high-dose Vitamin C, can be very beneficial additions to the treatment.

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