Subject: Re: [apfn-1] RR Why do liberals still believe these things?

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>Why it is that liberals cling so desperately to government programs and ideas that just don't work?

>Why is it that they cling to social spending programs created decades ago when >people lived shorter lives?

>And why do they think citizens, to thrive, must be dependent on the government?

As technology improves, it requires fewer and fewer total hours of human labor per week to produce all the goods and services that the population uses in a week.

Conservatives make sure that the work-week is kept at 40 hours.

These two facts together produce an inexorable result: the number of jobs is constantly decreasing.

Conservatives also use various methods to ensure that wealthy people get 90-99% of the profits from the economy, and working people -- whose labor produces the goods and services that make the profits -- get only 1-10%.

Since conservatives don't want people to get money from government welfare programs, what are we supposed to do? The conservative answer is "austerity" -- starve, live in the streets, get sick, and die.

Well, we're not going to accept it. The ultra-wealthy have more than they could ever use in a thousand years, and the poor have nothing. You conservatives have the police, the military, drones, FEMA concentration camps, both political parties, the courts, the legislature, and the executive branch of government.

You have rockets, we have rocks.

But we will not give up and die.

>Always remember and never forget. Competition is the catalyst that allows capitalism to work?"

Always remember and never forget: Cooperation and sharing are the catalysts that allow CIVILIZATION to work.

Some Solutions:

o Shorten the work-week to 20 hours at the same weekly pay.

o Share each job between two people who work alternate months, each at the same yearly pay.

o Limit the ratio of the highest-to-lowest salary in any company to a maximum of 8. The CEO can make no more than 8 times what the floorsweeper gets. This is done in some Scandinavian nations -- Social Democracy.

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