The Evil, The Lie The Good, The Truth

Capitalism, exploitation, huge inequalities, Fascism Socialism, sharing, David Korten, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Libya
War on Psychedelics/Consciousness, Pushing of booze that makes people stupid Consciousness, Cannabis, Strassman, Leary, 60s renaissance, etc
Emotional Plague antisex Reich, breathing, free orgasms, orgasm reflex
Authoritarian education, programming not to think or speak, just to sit, be quiet, memorize and believe what you're told Summerhill, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt
Authoritarian parenting/society Reich, Sonic SatAM, KND, The Matrix movie, The Golden Compass, etc
Judeo-Christian-Islamic Dominator god Cathars, Wiccans, Buddhists, Goddess
Total Materialism Psychic abilities, Rupert Sheldrake
Psychopathy, Emotional Plague Consciousness, Stefan Verstappen
War is ok The word "war" commands the listener to ignore the murders of millions of people by psychopath leaders
US is protector of world democracy US is center of world Fascism
Muslim terrorism, "conspiracy theory" 911 inside job, false-flag terrorism, conspiracy research
Israel is a wonderful democratic nation Israel is a fascist nation, allied with US fascism. After WWII, Zionist European Jews (NOT all Jews), who were no longer in danger from the Nazis, seized the nation of Palestine by force, even though they had no right to it at all. They robbed, tortured and murdered the Palestinians, who had done them no harm, and continue to do so to this day. Israel also has designs on the entire region, and attacks other nearby nations.
Gun confiscation, trusting govt 2nd Amendment, questioning, defending against government
Advertising No coercion, no imperative voice, no getting used to it
Fluoride, dead pineal gland Anti-Fluoridation, live pineal, DMT secreted by pineal, enhanced consciousness
Mercury Aluminum Fluoride neurotoxins in food, water and medicines No Hg Al F. Alternative medicine
Vitamin C suppressed Klenner, Cathcart, etc., C treats all viruses
Censorship Internet, Web, Youtube, Open Source
Heart disease CoQ-10, carnitine
Cancer dichloroacetate and other apoptosis promoters, cannabis (CBD)
GMO, Monsanto, consumption of the planet Ecology, permaculture
Nudity is evil People feel good about their own and others' bodies
Chemtrails and their denial Chemtrail truth
Circumcision -- genital mutilation -- is good for health No circumcision, because it inserts intense pain and fear at the center of the personality, causing docility or psychopathy
U.S. Democratic and Republican parties oppose each other The division is fake -- both vote for the same Fascist policies. Democrats exist to prevent people from forming a People's Party.