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My reference notes

Ruby Links - Ruby Home Page
Documentation -
Ruby Inside: Ruby blog with daily news, links, code and tips - forum list
Ruby/Rails tutorials - Meshplex
RedHanded - WhyTheLuckyStiff - sneaking Ruby through the system
Ruby Weekly News
Ruby Code & Style
PragDave Rails, Ruby, Software, and Stuff
{ |one, step, back| }
the { buckblogs :here } » 1 on the front, 2 on the back
Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
RubyCorner - Blog Directory
hackety org

HTML - hpricot, Firebug, Firequark, scrAPI, scrubyt, imw


hpricot - html parser - GitHub
Hpricot Documentation
Module: Hpricot
Hpricot Basics - hpricot - GitHub
why's hpricot at master - GitHub
An Hpricot Showcase - hpricot - GitHub
Hpricot Challenge - hpricot - GitHub
beware - 1st entry - weheartcode - kills firefox -- hpricot tutorial - Google Search
$ cheat hpricot
Extracting data with Hpricot - soledad penadés
Ruby Screen-Scraper in 60 Seconds -
Juixe TechKnow » Using Hpricot
Using Hpricot - Juixe TechKnow
Hpricot - Get to Know a Gem - Robby on Rails


Firebug - Web Development Evolved
Firebug FAQ
» Introduction to Firebug :: CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained
Firebug Documentation
faq-about-firebug - Firebug | Google Groups
Firebug | Google Groups
Extracting data with Hpricot - soledad penadés
Ruby Screen-Scraper in 60 Seconds -

Firequark - extends Firebug to find CSS Selectors

QuarkRuby: Firequark : quick html screen scraping


Labnotes » Scraping with style: scrAPI toolkit for Ruby
Labnotes » New features: scrAPI toolkit for Ruby and assert_select
Labnotes » Mashups: In The Spirit of Simplicity
Labnotes » assert_select plugin for Rails
QuarkRuby: Scrapi enhancements
QuarkRuby: QScraper : hpricot interface to scrapi
$ cheat scrapi
scrAPI - Ruby gets a stylish HTML scraper - scrAPI


scRUBYt! - Scrape. Shape. Integrate. Profit.
scrubber's scrubyt at master - GitHub
scrubyt | Google Groups
scRUBYt - Hot, New Ruby Web-Scraping Toolkit Released

scrubyt vs. scrAPI vs. hpricot

scrubyt scrapi - Google Search
scrubber's scrubyt at master - GitHub
April NoVA Ruby Users Group | Sean Mountcastle
BigSmoke » Web scraping in Ruby: why I had to use scrAPI instead of WWW::Mechanize and Hpricot


Ruby Screen-Scraper in 60 Seconds -
XPath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

imw - infinite monkeywrench

Home - imw - GitHub
lib/imw/extract/html_parser.rb at 99c72cfa4235acd659fb0c8e56fea74b177badda from infochimps's imw - GitHub
infochimps's imw at master - GitHub


HTML Tidy Project Page

Add-Ons for FF 3.0.7, Firebug & Greasemonkey

WOT :: Firefox Add-ons
Video DownloadHelper :: Firefox Add-ons
Greasemonkey :: Firefox Add-ons
Platypus :: Firefox Add-ons
Callout :: Firefox Add-ons
PayPal Instant Transfer Zapper :: Firefox Add-ons
Firebug :: Firefox Add-ons
Inline Code Finder for Firebug :: Firefox Add-ons
FireScope :: Firefox Add-ons
Firebug Paint Events :: Firefox Add-ons
FireRainbow :: Firefox Add-ons
FireSpider :: Firefox Add-ons
CSS Usage :: Firefox Add-ons
Yet Another Remove It Permanently :: Firefox Add-ons

Ruby Apps/Libs

RubyForge: Software Map
RAA - Ruby Application Archive
RAA - aeditor
DBI - DB Abstraction Layer In Ruby
Rake -- Ruby Make
Log4r - Manual
RubyGems Manuals
Mega Modules
Nano Methods
Flex Mock
RMagick - RubyForge
Madeleine - Ruby Object Prevalence

Programming Ruby - Pickaxe book

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Programming Ruby
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Source Code
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Errata for Programming Ruby
Pragmatic Forums | Programming Ruby


Ruby on Rails .com/.org
Ruby on Rails to Basecamp (Signal vs. Noise)
RadRails - A Ruby on Rails IDE
Dr. Dobb's | RadRails Ruby on Rails IDE | April 19, 2006
Google Groups : Ruby on Rails
Rails Wiki What Is Ruby on Rails
Four Days on Rails Ajax on Rails
Module: ActionView::Helpers::JavaScriptHelper
OpenSourceProjects in Ruby on Rails
Howtos in Ruby on Rails
Putting Debian on Ruby rails | mentalized
Code Snippets: My generic Rails application.rb [ruby] [rails] [rubyonrails]
Riding Rails | Ruby on Rails weblog
Rails with Eclipse - NAPCS.COM
Polishing Ruby: Rails Archives Rolling with Ruby on Rails Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2
InstantRailsWiki: Instant Rails

Ruby vs Python, etc.

Ruby vs Python - article
Ruby vs Python,etc. - chart
Python Vs Ruby - wiki
Ruby vs Python, etc. - chart, articles

Ruby compiler

ruby compiler - Google Search
Headius: The Compiler Is Complete
Ruby Compiler available - with another in the wings

FXRuby - GUI toolkit

fxruby - Google Search

Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby
KDevelop - Ruby
Programming Ruby [local] - Hunt &Thomas
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
Ruby Class and Library Reference
ruby code
Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
Learning Ruby [local] - Daniel Carrera
Open Dir - dmoz - Ruby: Books
RubyRags // Ruby and Ruby on Rails t-shirts for stylish Rubyists
blade/ruby - mailing lists
Open Dir - dmoz - Ruby
Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
Sockets programming in Ruby - IBM
Loud Thinking: Broadcasting Brain
fss | things about things
Oakland Cutlery
Home Made
Pragmatic Wiki: HomePage
Getting started with Ruby (Loud Thinking) - local
Getting started with Ruby (Loud Thinking) - web
CommunityWalk Beta