Snit Michael Glasser -- Psychopath

Usenet is an Internet system for sharing information that was created before the World Wide Web, and still exists. It has more than 100,000 subject-oriented sections called "newsgroups". A few of these, for example comp.os.linux.advocacy [COLA], deal with the computer software called Linux.

I sometimes post messages (articles) about Linux to these newsgroups, particularly COLA. I've also posted messages about the 9-11 research when challenged.

A person named: Michael Glasser -- "Prescott Computer Guy" --
calls himself "Snit" in Usenet. He seems to be severely offended by anyone who disagrees with the official government conspiracy theory about 9-11, and he also greatly favors Mac computers and discourages people from using Linux. Apparently in order to pick fights about these matters, he has invaded COLA and posts more there than anyone else. Previously, he spent years disrupting the newsgroup comp.sys.mac.advocacy.

Snit Michael Glasser exhibits extensive psychopathic behavior -- lying, targeting, scapegoating, stalking, attacking, copious repetition, severe irrationality, and always more lying. Some have called him "the biggest liar in Usenet history", the most "universally hated" person in Usenet, "a liar and a forger", etc.

Here 163 people condemn his activities.

As psychopaths often do, Snit Michael Glasser has chosen a principal target/scapegoat for his lies and hatred. Because of his ideas about 9-11 and about Linux, he's targeted me. He has posted thousands of lying Usenet articles in COLA attacking me, since the beginning of April 2013. He's also posted thousands of attacks against Richard Stallman, one of the principal creators of Linux.

Snit Michael Glasser uses many different techniques for lying about me and others.

As most newsgroups are unmoderated, there are no limits to how many messages a person can post, or what they can say, such as savage lying attacks on others.

Surprisingly, about 4% of the population are psychopaths. Here's some information about them from researcher Stefan Verstappen:

Psychopathy in Politics and Finance

Defense Against the Psychopath: Parts 1, 2 and 3
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