Psychopath Snit Michael Glasser's Techniques For Lying

1. Lies by simply making things up.

2. Lies by omission.

3. Lies by intentionally misunderstanding or misinterpreting.

4. Lies by exaggeration.

5. Lies by quoting out of context.

6. Lies by misquoting.

7. Lies by ignoring refutations of his lies and other bad
behavior. This enables him to always claim that he "won"
the debate. It is the height of dishonesty.

8. Lies by introducing nonsense, e.g., "Marshmallow Men".

9. Lies by invalid generalization.

10. Lies by reversing implication, e.g., "Firetrucks are red,
this apple is red, therefore this apple is a firetruck."

11. Lies by "straw man" -- falsely attributing a bogus (often
exaggerated) claim to the person he's attacking, then refuting it.

12. Lies by claiming the person he's attacking "changed his story"
or "moved the goalposts" whenever the person clarified what he
said in order to refute Snit's previous lie about it.

13. Lies by claiming the person he's attacking "whines" or "babbles".
He never says that about his anti-Linux propaganda partners.

14. Lies by claiming the person he's attacking "ran away" if they
don't obey his commands and meet his demands exactly.

15. Lies by claiming that the person he's attacking is a member of
"the herd" and therefore is not capable of independent thought
and should not be listened to. Snit uses this attack only
against Linux users.

16. Lies by refusing to make common-sense connections among facts
that he's given. In that way he stalls or kills the discussion.
He ignores facts without explicitly refuting them, which allows
him to kill the discussion without looking bad.

17. Lies by introducing personal attacks and nonsense arguments
and claims into the discussion, in order to motivate the person
he's attacking to withdraw from the discussion. Glasser then
claims victory.

18. Lies by refusing to believe anything remembered by the person he's
attacking, and saying that it's irrelevant, when it isn't. Example:
"some recollection of what you think you remember from 10 years ago
is not on topic or of interest".

19. Lies by claiming that the person he's attacking is mentally ill.
He repeatedly offers to find the person help in overcoming his
alleged "illness". Snit Michael Glasser is a psychopath who
pretends to be a psychologist.

20. Lies by falsely attributing negative emotions to the person
he's attacking, when they haven't displayed any at all.

Examples: "shows rage", "got really, really angry. Furious",
"absolute *rage*", "freaks out", "lashes out", "lash out
with anger", "major hate-spewing", "really hates learning",
"pisses the herd off", "lash out with *extreme* hatred and anger",
"*major* attack mode", "humiliating", "getting pissed off",
"Such hatred and anger from you", "you are just freaking out.
Enraged. Completely unable to control yourself.", "freak out mode",
"You are on a hate-filled rampage", "Filled with rage and obvious
hatred", "hate-filled, enraged lies, attacks, insults, name calling",
"lash out with such fury", "you freaked out", "has you pissed off",
"spewing such hate-filled lies and attacks", "you are so upset
recently", "Amazing how little self control you have",
"hate-filled attack mode", "freak out and go into major attack
mode", "hate-filled, fear-filled attacks", "hate-and-fear-filled
attacks", "you run away spewing hate-filled attacks", "fearful",
"hate-filled dishonest attack rants", "Completely irrational,
hate-filled nonsense", "run and whine and attack...fear",
"get angry and lash out", "runs away crying", "hate-filled spree
of attacks", "freaked out even more! Holy cow!", "massive
hate-filled irrational rage", "irrational hate filled attacks",
"hatred and feelings of persecution", "enraged... unable to focus
or think. He is in a massive hate-filled irrational rage where all
he can do is lash out", "lashes out with hate-filled rants",
"You are enraged... beside yourself with anger. Unable to control
yourself", "obvious hatred", "You have a strong persecution complex",
"Holy cow! You lost it! You became enraged and increased your name
calling and accusations and insults. You just could not stop yourself
- you were out of control!", "This was too much for you. Wow. You
just completely lost it", "you just attack, attack, attack. ...
Wow... you really have lost it. I wish you the best!",
"threw a toddler tantrum", "cannot stop himself from posting
outrageous hate-filled attacks and insults and lies",
"clearly very frustrated", "you lash out with insults, attacks,
and your ever-present view of your persecution", "pretty much
belittles anyone", "special form of arrogance and conceit",
"put others down", "calm down", "amazingly bent out of shape",
"you are so filled with hatred and anger and the inescapable need
to call people names", "You are a very, very angry person!",
"so angry and out of control"