Dr Frederick Klenner -- Vitamin C Pioneer

Frederick Klenner, MD 1907-1984

So, there is Dr Klenner's July 1949 report in a medical journal, detailing how he cured dozens of cases of various viral infections, including polio, with Vitamin C. And the response of the drug industry's lying propagandist is to call Dr Klenner a "foodie", a "conspiracy nut case", and a "science illiterate", which is intended to dissuade readers of this discussion from accessing the doctor's report. But the lies of this stooge, who uses the identity "reallybearish", are not very effective today thanks to the WorldWide Web, because interested readers can simply click on the link to http://www.nutri.com/49/ and read Dr Klenner's entire journal article for themselves! Truly effective Freedom Of Speech has finally arrived! Hopefully, enough millions of people will access that truth-telling Web page and others like it, and non-corporate news sources like the ones I link to here: http://cosmicpenguin.com/#NEWS, that we people of planet Earth can free ourselves from the murderous grip of militarized corporate psychopathy, a.k.a. Fascism.

Quoting from http://www.huldaclarkzappers.com/?page_id=240:
"Abram Hoffer writes: 'In the early 1950s [actually 1940s], Dr. Frederick Klenner began his work with megadoses of vitamin C. He used doses up to 100 grams per day orally or intravenously. In clinical reports he recorded the excellent response he saw when it was given in large doses. For example, polio patients given vitamin C suffered no residual defects from their polio. A controlled study in England on 70 children, half given vitamin C and half given placebo, confirmed that none of the ascorbate treated cases developed any paralysis while up to 20 percent of the untreated group did. This study was not published because the Salk Vaccine had just been developed and no one was interested in vitamins. Dr. Klenner's work was ignored.'

"Dr. Klenner was the first physician to emphasize that small amounts of ascorbate do not work. He said, 'If you want results, use adequate ascorbic acid.' As a result of seeing consistent cures of a great variety of viral and bacterial diseases with huge doses of vitamin C, he published over twenty medical reports. Orthodox medicine's rejection of his lifesaving work stands as a reminder to all medical mavericks practising today. 'Some physicians,' Klenner wrote, 'would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid because, in their finite minds, it exists only as a vitamin.'"

This amazing page summarizes dozens of articles that Dr Klenner published about the use of sufficient doses of Vitamin C to treat many different diseases. Especially see the section Insidious Virus:
Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C

Dr Klenner may not have fully understood the principal mechanism by which Vitamin C -- ascorbic acid -- overcomes viruses, even while he was using it so successfully. He believed that it functioned as an antibiotic, killing the viruses directly. Years later, Dr Robert Cathcart figured it out, and I've reproduced his 1991 journal article about it here: http://cosmicpenguin.com/codex/2-How_Vitamin_C_Works-Cathcart-with_summary.html.

Viruses (and protozoan pathogens) are fought by white blood cells -- cellular immunity. (Bacteria are fought by free-floating immunoglobulins in the blood plasma -- humoral immunity.) When white cells encounter viruses matching their surface immunoglobulins, they take in the high-energy fuel substance NADPH -- nicotinamide dinucleotide diphosphate, reduced form -- which they use to make oxidizing substances such as peroxide, that destroy the viruses. This is called the respiratory burst. In that process, the NADPH is oxidized to NADP, which can no longer function as fuel. The body can generate more NADPH, but in a viral infection it is not replaced fast enough. Vitamin C works by re-reducing NADP back to NADPH, and thus refueling the white cells. One molecule of ascorbic acid recycles one molecule of NADP into NADPH, and in that process the Vitamin C is used up, so more must be given. The more serious the viral infection, the faster the NADPH is used up and has to be continuously recycled by Vitamin C. Therefore, in some life-threatening viral infections, hundreds of grams of (non-acidic) sodium ascorbate must be given intravenously to save the patient. Many examples of Vitamin C therapy are given in Dr Cathcart's (archived) website here: http://web.archive.org/web/20130121034037/http://orthomed.com/.